7 Benefits of Installing Suspended Ceiling Systems in Your Home

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 14 March 2018 17:50

Suspended ceilings, or dropped ceilings, are common for offices, as well as for other commercial properties. A suspended ceiling is an additional ceiling structure placed below the bare ceiling. This is usually achieved by having a metal frame designed as tracks installed below the bare ceiling. Panels or tiles are then laid out on these tracks, and this whole thing becomes the suspended ceiling.

Having a suspended ceiling is a common choice for commercial properties because it has a lot of benefits. For the same reasons, suspended ceiling systems are also great for your home. The following are some of the benefits of suspended ceiling installation to your home:


  1. 1.Easy Installation

A suspended ceiling may sound a bit complicated as described above, but it’s actually easy to install. With some basic skills, you may even be able to it yourself. There is a lot of available guide out there that can help you install a suspended ceiling in your home. We still, however, recommend that you seek professional help in order to ensure the quality of installation.


  1. 2.Conceals ductwork, pipes, and wires

For offices, suspended ceilings are very helpful in concealing mechanical components for air conditioning, lighting, sprinkler systems, electrical works, and others. Not having suspended ceilings may pose a challenge to hiding these eyesore. This reason is also applicable to homes. The panels you will put can also be temporarily removed in case there’s a need for repairs, which you can then put back in place just as easily.


  1. 3.Provides soundproofing

You can use acoustic boards as panels for your suspended ceiling. This can help provide soundproofing for your home just as they do for offices. It’s a good home design idea, especially if you’re thinking of having a home theater. Pair it with acoustic board walls and you’ll be able to provide a movie house feeling to your entertainment room without causing noise that can disturb other people at home or even the neighbors. You can also do this for bedrooms to help provide peace when you need it the most.


  1. 4.Allows easy installation of light

Light, ceiling fan, and other overhead fixtures can easily be installed on in between panels when you need it. You would be able to work around easily with your suspended ceiling. If you did not opt for a suspended ceiling, this may be a challenge as you’ll need to consider how you’ll hide the wirings, as well as where exactly you can install these additional fixtures.


  1. 5.High energy efficiency

Suspended ceilings can help you lower utility costs as it provides decent insulation. The space in between the bare ceiling and the suspended ceiling provides a breathing space for your home which can save you tons of money on heating and cooling in the long run. Furthermore, should you opt for white panels, it can help make things brighter, lessening the need for a lot of bright light. Suspended ceilings can really help make your house a lot more energy-efficient.


  1. 6.Easy to remove in case of repairs

Indeed, it’s really easy to work around your suspended ceilings. When the need for repairs arise, it would be easy to lift a panel to do the repairs, and then return the panel as soon as you finish the repairs. It will be very convenient to work with suspended ceilings for this situation.


  1. 7.Add style to your home

Aside from practical uses, suspended ceilings can also help you with aesthetics.

Suspended ceilings can be designed as you please, so it can be very stylish. There are lots of available designs and colors for you to choose from, and this opens a lot of decorating opportunity for you. It will also be easy to re-design in case you would want to in the future as it.


Considering Dropped ceilings on your next home improvement project

The practicality of using dropped ceilings has been discussed thoroughly in the enumerated benefits of going for suspended ceilings. If you believe that your home needs dropped ceilings, then give it a go! Again, while we say that it is very easy to install your suspended ceilings, always remember that getting professional help is recommended. Make suspended ceilings a goal for your next home improvement project!

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