5 Steps to Change the Look of Your Home

Written by Posted On Friday, 16 March 2018 13:05

You may have noticed you have much of the same decor from the photo of your daughter's second birthday party. The only thing is, she's 12 now. It's time to make some changes. Fear not, you don't have to change your entire home to give it an updated look. Follow these suggestions to instantly update the look of your home.

1. Cabinets

You can change the entire look of your cabinets with minimal effort. You have the option of painting them, taking off the doors, staining them a different color and resurfacing them. Painting your cabinets is the easiest of these options. If you have a finish on them, you'll need to sand it off, first. Then, paint as desired. Staining entails a similar process, but you're going to use stain and a finish to seal it in. Resurfacing your cabinets involves placing exterior boards over your existing cabinets to provide a new face.

2. Fixtures

A little change goes a long way. Fixtures are one of the easiest and most exciting changes to do in the home. You can replace the fixtures on your dresser, light switch plates, outlet covers, doorknobs, sink fixtures, and while you're at it, throw in crown-molding and baseboards. Mixing and matching different styles of fixtures within the same color-grouping adds eclectic flair. Keep your old fixtures if you desire to change them back at a later point. Have fun with the process.

3. Flooring

Changing out your flooring seems difficult until you understand the process and have it done. After this, you'll see how easy it is. You'll need to decide what kind of flooring you'd like, and you have quite a few options. You could expose the cement in your home to polish it, put down hardwood flooring, choose something like cork or bamboo flooring, cover your hardwood with epoxy, put down carpet or choose "floor refinishing near me" to bring back the luster of your old hardwood flooring. Some older homes were equipped with beautiful hardwood floors where subsequent owners covered them with carpet. Most of these floors can be completely restored.

4. Color Schemes

If you have neutral colors to play with in the home, you could change out the vibrant colors, or add a few new colors. This works particularly well if you don't have a lot of items in any one location of your home. For instance, get new throws to place over your couches, and add a couple of pillows. Hang a picture on the wall with similar colors as the throws and pillows. You might also consider changing out decorations within the home to give it a new look while adding a few new pieces. In this manner, you won't have to change everything, but it'll certainly look new to you.

5. Textiles

Another fun activity to do is to change things up using textiles. If you have cube storage boxes, you can recover them with a different fabric of your choosing. Use fabric to create a backdrop for a group of pictures and wall decor. Using similar fabric, by pattern or by color, change the dividing interior portion of picture frames. You can make simple homemade curtains with a fabric of your choosing. Braided rugs are a little more complex to make because they involve using heavy-duty sewing needles, but they can also be made with material. There are also some no-sew rug options you can explore.

One of the best things about updating your home is how it'll make you feel. Your environment does impact how you feel. It affects your relaxation and creativity. This is especially important if you work from home. However, don't feel you need a reason to create something new. It's your home. Enjoy it.

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