How to Choose Furnished Corporate Housing

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Have you been assigned a new work project in another town for the next few months? Such is a great opportunity for you to create new work relationships, build your skills, and visit a new place. However, is the thought of spending your free time in a confined hotel room – or traveling back and forth putting a damper on the excitement? Extended stay suites or executive suites (corporate housing) are a great option for short-term relocation. So how do you pick the right furnished corporate housing, especially if you are doing it online and you cannot check out the suite, apartment or condo in person?

Here are essential tips that will make it easy to pick a suitable corporate housing company.

  1. 1.Ask around

One of the best ways you can find an ideal place to stay is through referrals. People who have stayed in places you are considering can offer more detailed and relevant information. They will be honest if that particular place was great or did not meet their expectations.

  1. 2.Consult your accounting or HR department

The chances are that other employees in your firm have traveled to other cities and your HR or accounting department has arranged short-term accommodation for them in the past. Talk to them and they may provide reliable insights on the place you will be visiting.

  1. 3.Create a list of key features

Do you want to be walking to work or might you need car parking? Would you like to be shopping and enjoying other entertainment activities during your free time? Are you passionate about exercising and might appreciate having a fitness center in the same building? Would you prefer a large area so you can set up your home office? Do you plan to invite your spouse or friends to your apartment or suite during your assignment? If you know the key features, you are looking for in corporate housing, it will be easy to pick the right one for you.

  1. 4.Services and utilities

Search for a short-term corporate accommodation that offers you numerous flexible options so you can only pay for the services you require. Some standard services include a furnished apartment with utilities such as electricity, gas, telephone and water and a car park. Common optional extras include cable TV, Wi-Fi, and housekeeping services.

  1. 5.Check out all the photos

Photographs posted online can be deceiving. Something what looks like a big, light-filled room in a certain photo angle could turn out to be a tiny, privacy-free closet in reality. Be sure to check all the photos. If a company offers more photos, it means they are not trying to hide anything about their property.

Once you have found a suitable furnished suite or apartment, be sure to talk to their customer care or sales team. It is tempting to book your suite online because you are too busy and you simply want to get things done soonest possible. Consider spending a night or two in a hotel so you can choose a furnished house that meets your needs–a place where you would be comfortable staying for a couple of days.

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