Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

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There’s not many things more rewarding then doing a nice deep clean of your house. It helps reduce the stress that comes with messiness and clutter, plus everything looks much better when it’s nice and clean. One of the most important rooms to do this in, especially this time of year, is your bedroom.

A spring cleaning is a great effort to undertake. It’s great to have a clean house as the weather gets warmer. Plus, if you’re one of the many people thinking of selling your house in the summer this is a great start to the process. Here’s a great checklist to go through when you’re doing spring cleaning

Remove All Unnecessary Items

The first step to cleaning your bedroom should be getting rid of the clutter. We’re in our bedrooms a lot so it’s inevitable you’ve brought things into the room that don’t belong there. Things like empty cups, loose clothes, and plenty of other stuff can easily build up and create an unnecessary mess in your room. Once these are

Remove Laundry and Linens to Clean

If you’re like many people, you’ll keep your laundry basket in your bedroom. You should take this and any other dirty laundry out of your room next. Also, strip the linens from your bed. You’ll want to do a load or two of laundry while going through the rest of your room. The reward of laying down on a fresh set of linens is what you have to look forward to after the process.

Deep Clean Your Mattress

Doing a deep clean of your mattress is not only hygienic, but will help improve the life of your mattress. Many experts recommend spring cleaning is a good time to evaluate your mattress as well. "It's a good time to reassess your mattress situation," Certified Sleep Science Coach Chris Brantner told Realty Times. "For example, you can get a really nice soft bed without breaking the bank in the springtime." He then referred to the soft bed guide on his site to help readers find what they're looking for.

Dust Everything

Dust seems to build up incredibly quickly on every surface in the house. You likely dust often in the bedroom, but this is a great time to do a deep clean and try and find any potential surface dust could accumulate on. Don’t forget windows, behind picture frames, and the top of your bed frame!

Tend to Wood Furniture

If you do have any wood furniture in your bedroom, this is a great time to give it a quick treatment. Use a wood cleaner and polish to remove any buildup and give your furniture a nice shine. Also, if you have any marks or scratches this is a great time to cover them up. There’s plenty of information out there on this, some even use household items .

Vacuum Floor and Freshen Room

Lastly, you should do a nice vacuum of the entire room. Make sure you get under any furniture like your bed or dresser. After this you can spray the room with a nice air freshener or maybe even add a plug-in air freshener to make the room smell as clean as it is!

Hopefully, you’re now ready to do a nice deep clean on your bedroom and are no longer overwhelmed. If you break the process down into these steps, it’ll fly by and you’ll be rewarded with a comfortable and clean bedroom.


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