Commerce lakefront homes for sale Spring market update

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Lake Sherwood Commerce MII wanted to give you a quick look at what is happening on lakes in Commerce Michigan.  There are 22 lakefront homes for sale in Commerce Michigan.  That is a smaller number than normal.  There is a low amount of homes for sale all over metro Detroit.  Whether you are looking in Garden City, Ferndale, or Chesterfield Township there are fewer homes on the market than normal.  It is driving a sellers real estate market here in Metro Detroit.  There is nothing to buy.  We are seeing multiple offers on homes, and bidding wars.  Today a client called about a condo in Novi and it already had 8 offers on it in the last couple of days.  It's only been on the market 3 days.

If your home is in good condition and priced right the lake home is going to sell.   The biggest problem I am seeing with lake home sellers is that many of them are over pricing their home.  They know it is a good market and they are not only pricing the home high, but sometimes crazy high.  16 of these Commerce lake homes for sale have been on the market for over 30 days.  Some of them have been on the market for months.  There are many lake home buyers out there, but they are not stupid. 

Lake home buyers are different.  Many of them had no immediate need to buy.  Sure they would like to live on the lake, but they are not going to over pay to achieve their dream.  They want to boat and live the lake life style but they are not making foolish decisions to just buy any home.  They are still being selective.  So I am going to start with the lake home buyers on my spring advice.   

Lower Straits Lake Commerce Township MI

1.)  Be actively searching every day.  You should be getting auto emails of every home that hits the market from a real estate agent.  If you are not then email me to get one set up for you.  You also should be looking at Zillow every day for any for sale by owners that come up.  Many times some of the for sale by owners are way over priced.  But if by chance there is a good home out there you want to see it. 

2.)  You not only want to be looking on line for lake homes in Commerce, but you also should be going out to see them the same day as you find them.  The good ones sell very fast.  I have seen some sell in a day!

3.) You want to have your pre-approval letter in hand.  I recently had a client lose a home because he had to wait a day to get a pre-approval letter.

4.)  Once you see them and you like it.   You need to put in an offer right away.  Don't wait one or two days to make a decision.  I'm not saying to make an uninformed decision.  I am saying you need to get the information you need to make a sound financial decision and make it as quick as possible.  I have seen too many buyers wait and then lose a house they like.

5.)  Last put your best foot forward.  What I mean by that is put your best offer out the first time.  Make the best offer you are comfortable with.  Ask your real estate agent for advice on this.

Sunset on Long Lake in Commerce MIThe key to finding your lakefront home in Commerce is about being actively looking every day and moving quick on the houses.

Now if you are a seller it is still key to price your home right, and to have it in the best condition possible.  Do you want to be like 16 of those Commerce lakefront home sellers with your home sitting on the market?  Or do you want to sell your home?  It is a fine line between getting a top price and overpricing your home.  If you over price it you will end up selling for less.  Staging, De-cluttering, and de-personalizing your home will help it sell.  When we list your lakefront home it is about selling the lake lifestyle.  It's about getting you top dollar.  Listening to your agent will help you get the most for your home. 

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