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As much as you like to sunbathe in spring and summer, there are times when the shade is your best refuge. So all the terraces need to install some system to have shade when the sun tightens. Not only does it allow you to enjoy the terrace for many more hours, but it also helps to save energy in the air conditioning of the home. For example, an awning that blocks the impact of the direct sun in the room will make you need less air conditioning to cool it. Each terrace has different needs depending on aspects such as size, budget or orientation. Discover today what awning is best for you.

Straight point awnings

It is a type of awning very common both in the balconies of residential buildings, as in the windows and store windows. Its system is very simple when you deploy it, the awning falls vertically. Then it must be hooked to ones that are fixed on the wall, but that is not articulated, to regulate the desired shade angle. They are ideal for small terraces or terraces where there are windows to be protected from direct sunlight, for example.

Awnings with extendable and articulated arms

The folding arm awnings are other classic options to shade terraces and balconies. Unlike the fixed point, the extensible allow you to decide whether to cover all or only part of the terrace, thanks to its articulated arms. In addition, they create large shadow spaces, without the need for additional supports. A quality Sports Canopy model should be resistant and stable in the face of inclement weather. Another advantage is that, if you pick it up completely, the fabric is protected and hardly occupies space.

Flat retractable awning

It is the ideal option for those who want sun and shade. Because it is flat and is usually installed on a pergola, that is, you can leave it half deployed to have one part with the sun, and another with shade. Its most sophisticated version is electronic and works with a remote control. However, both options fulfill the same function.

Hood Canopy

It is a much more limited awning because it basically serves to cover windows, small windows or doors. They have a semi-curved shape, almost enveloping and there are two types: the fixed ones, which always maintain the same position or the mobile ones, which can be collected. They interest you if you want to cover a particular window and you like its peculiar shape, which reminds rather of the windows of restaurants and shops.

Candle awnings

They are the most modern and minimalist version of the awnings. There are different geometric shapes, although the most common are triangular ones. They adapt to any type of terrace that has elements such as walls or posts where to fix the metallic anchors that tighten them. Its fabric is very light, resistant and exists in a wide variety of colors. Another advantage is that, since they are not fixed, they can be removed, folded and stored. They are a very stylish solution!

Standing umbrellas

They are a practical, decorative and transportable solution. They adapt to any environment, you can move it at will, as the sun moves and after the summer, it is saved and ready. All Weather Canopy has their own design including models that can be oriented. The only factor to be taken into account is that there are as many prices as there are qualities, and in the umbrellas, you can see that: "the cheap, it's expensive".

The rustic touch of the hurdle

For those who prefer more rustic solutions, the hurdle offers shade at a very affordable price and with a natural aesthetic. It serves both to cover the roof of a pergola and to cover the sides of a porch with roller shutters.

Camouflage shading nets

With the same system as the sail awnings, these military camouflage shading nets provide shade while mimicking the environment. They are the awnings indicated for terraces that want to preserve their rustic, rural or colonial aesthetics.

Vertical awnings

The vertical Canopies UK are the most suitable to cover glass facades or large windows in an elegant way. They allow sunlight to enter, but lower their intensity and block UV rays. If they are also of quality, they contribute to a correct transpiration of the air.

Matter of fabrics

The fabrics used to make the awnings are designed to withstand UV, wind, and rain. But as in everything, there are different qualities and prices. Thus, for example, polyester awnings are the most economical but least resistant. Those made of acrylic fabric, filter out UV rays well and resist wind and humidity very well. The micro-perforated fabric filters almost all of the UV rays and allows optimal ventilation.

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