3 ideas for a more aggressive B2B marketing strategy

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Online competition is difficult, sometimes voracious. And if the B2B marketing strategy of your company is not constantly updated in the appropriate channels, you run the risk of staying behind. By default, we assume that your site is optimized, that it has the correct keywords and that SEO is up to the task so that you can easily find it through Internet search engines.

So once your ideal client is browsing your site, what will you offer them that is different from your competition? In this post, we will deal with 3 options that will help you generate that differentiation, an essential element to unravel your market to be able to close the sale.

1) Meet your Buyer Person

Many times a new product or service is launched with great expectations, but without a previous analysis of the habits of your ideal client. To begin to know your client, you require:

  • Study your behavior
  • Find out your perception of yourself
  • Knowing the competition
  • Determine your demographic and psychological factors
  • Define your differentiators
  • Know your added value
  • Be consistent and believe in what you do

It is also necessary to conduct periodic research to validate your target, identify additional niches, new trends, markets and platforms where you are immersed. If you need clearer guidelines please visit www.socialleadfreak.com.

2) Generate credibility

Audiences are no longer passive thanks, in part, to social networks; today they can interact, express their opinion and brand the brands. To satisfy your new consumption habits, your brand must pay more attention to a content strategy that is aligned with the interests of your target audience. To achieve this, we recommend that you -

  • Work your brand and voice
  • Create and maintain a blog
  • Produce a variety of interesting and attractive contents
  • Establish your voice in social media
  • Check the analytics (big data of brands) and answer questions
  • Constantly update your social networks and blogs
  • Show that you are a connoisseur in your area

3) Get brand leadership

One way to achieve this is by assuming yourself as a leading voice in your industry, and this goes hand in hand with the production of extraordinary contents that make you stand out among the other offers. You can choose a person that represents the ideals of the brand. There are even CEOs and directors who take the time to have an active presence in networks and blogs to promote the credibility of the company.

The marketing and sales areas have to support the sales strategy and strategy in social networks. Disseminating content that demonstrates your expertise can lead you to be a leading voice in your field, and to achieve it consider some things you should have: 

  • Passion and commitment to spreading ideas to help others
  • Experience with an impressive career
  • Offer a unique perspective on the events of the industry
  • Create and share high quality content
  • Lead the industry towards new visions, behaviors and research actions
  • Have ambitious goals
  • Push the boat forward despite the inclemency

Start implementing these changes and you will see the results. B2B marketing requires a lot of strategy and perseverance.

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