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If you’re thinking of selling your home, it may occur to you that you should do some updates to make your home more appealing to buyers, but you need to know that while some projects will indeed increase the value and appeal of your home, other renovations simply aren’t worth your time or money. Knowing what today’s buyers really want and are willing to pay for can get your home sold in a shorter amount of time and for more money, because if your home is not drawing in perspective buyers, the longer it stays on the market and the less likely it is to sell for the originally asked price. While you may not recover the full amount you spend on all renovations, doing the right ones can make the difference — bringing in multiple bids, which raises the selling price. Otherwise, your home could sit on the market indefinitely, while you continue having to pay for it in so many ways.

Top Home Features Sought by Buyers

Laundry Room ( Perhaps on a Main Floor)A Laundry Room on the main floor is a feature many home buyers want when the purchase a house

Homeowners tire of finding someplace in the home to fold and keep clean laundry before it gets put away. This is true for all age ranges of home buyers, too. It’s just plain convenient to have a room designated for folding, hanging, drying, ironing and sorting for “delivery”. It keeps the laundry out of the other parts of your home’s living space. Some buyers will be willing to pay more to have the laundry room on a main floor, rather than in the basement, whether just for convenience sake or for health issues concerning the use of stairs.

Exterior Lighting

Simply having your well-kept yard lit up nicely can entice potential buyers to have eyes for your home before they ever even enter it. Some of the outdoor lighting options are spotlights, walkway lights, and pendant lights. Outside lighting can also provide safety and security, as when motion-sensitive lights come on when there is movement outside your home.

Energy-Efficient Appliances and Windows
(Saving Money and Going Green)

Buyers who want to save money on utility bills will definitely be interested inEnergy efficient windows and appliances home sellers buyers want these Dave Martin Real estate agent energy-efficient appliances and windows. Energy Star is the name to look for. Buyers want to save money without losing comfort. Some buyers are concerned with energy production’s effect on the environment as well.
  • Windows – Energy Star is run by the Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) and helps businesses and individuals save money and protect the climate through superior energy efficiency. Energy Star windows have an invisible glass coating and vacuum-sealed spaces filled with inert gasses between the panes. Their weather stripping is sturdier than regular windows, with improved framing features. All of these components reduce heat gain or loss from the home, cutting heating and cooling costs by about 12%.
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