How to Prepare for the Remodeling of Your Kitchen

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Perhaps you've decided to renovate your kitchen. When you're not sure where to start, you might start looking at appliances. You could add more rooms or save a collection of inspiring kitchen photos. It could take you a year or longer to figure out how to remodel your kitchen. Once you have pondered long enough and set a plan to remodel your kitchen, you can implement these incredible steps.

Research and Plan

The best place to start remodeling your kitchen is to figure out your preliminary budget and formulate a scope of the work. However, both the scope and budget are subject to change, so don't worry that you might not get another chance. Scope and budget often intertwine and can change when you're designing. Often, homeowners aren't sure how much a project would cost them. The kitchen renovation is a continuous learning process. Figure out the features and layouts that can fit your lifestyle. You could browse extensively to get ideas from every resource available on the internet. Think about your priorities and allocate enough space for storing foods such as organic buckwheat flour. You could remodel your existing kitchen footprint or add an extra space. You could begin by saving photos of kitchens that have similar features to yours.

Schematic Design

It involves elevation of the layout and cabinet sizes, sketching, preliminary floor planning, and space planning. Even if you want to figure out how your kitchen will look like, it is equally important to focus on space and layout planning. You could begin interviewing your contractors and give them a preliminary sketch and scope of the work so that they can give you an estimate.

Hire a Professional Kitchen Designer

Unless you are a plumber or electrician, you will need a professional at some point. You could visit a showroom or browse the internet to find a qualified kitchen designer. You could also get referrals from co-workers or friends and begin the process of hiring a designer or architect. You could also go the DIY route or seek the assistance of a contractor or builder. Experienced kitchen architects are available to help you in space planning, choosing finishes, drafting contracts, and budgeting. You want to work with someone who can help you set up a temporary kitchen and guide you throughout the renovation process.

Work on Construction Documentation

This phase comes after you have finalized preparing final flooring plan, electrical drawing, exterior elevations, and lighting switch plans. Your final construction drawing permit comes into play at this phase. It is an ideal time to select fixtures and finishes since contractors will consider them in the final pricing. After that, you can submit sketches for permits. However, check timing with your local authority since these drawings have a lead time. You will need a licensed architect or contractor to help you in finalizing the paperwork.

Get Estimates from Your Contractor

You will need a contractor or architect to help you take your project to the next phase. Ask at least three different contractors to provide you their estimates. Once the architect has finished developing schematic designs, you can assess them with your contractor. That way, it will be easier to know whether you're on track or you need to pull back.

Prepare for Demo

You will need to get ready for demo 4-8 weeks after submitting your schematic designs for approval. The next step is to clean up the cabinets and keep everything you need in storage. You could set up a temporary kitchen if you're living in the house during renovation. You may also move out of your home temporarily or white-knuckle the kitchen and live in the house during construction. Organizing and preparing your house ahead of time can save you a lot of time. You could also discuss logistics in advance with your builder. You can meet weekly for updates and arrange for certain tasks such as flooring and demo. Discuss how to remove dust and debris and evacuate anyone in the family who is allergic. Getting ready early enough can smoothen the entire process.

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