3 Practical Guidelines For Preparing Your Home For a Showing

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 April 2018 19:49

Have you placed your residence on the realty marketplace recently? Or do you anticipate welcoming visitors interested in reviewing its unique architectural or décor features for a newspaper or other media publication? (Today many real estate companies prepare online videos showcasing for sale properties.)

In either of these situations, the appearance of the premises matters. You'll discover you can highlight the most attractive qualities of your residence by ensuring a generally excellent level of cleanliness. As you prepare to welcome a lot of guests, consider following these three simple housekeeping guidelines:

1. Infuse Light Into The Environment

In order to really appreciate the appealing qualities of your home, people first need the ability to see it. The level of light indoors sometimes makes a profound difference. Particularly if you enjoy panoramic views in some locations, plan on devoting close attention to lighting issues.

As a preliminary matter, make sure you thoroughly clean every light fixture. Sometimes over the course of time dust and other debris slowly accumulate in these sometimes hard-to-reach locations. By washing and drying the glass, and replacing any burned-out bulbs, you'll help ensure better illumination.

You'll also want to carefully clean any windows, blinds, and drapes. On the date of the showing, you can display your windows to their best advantage this way. If you enjoy a spectacular view from a bedroom or living room, why not let prospective buyers fall in love with it, too?

2. Ensure Refreshing, Clean Air Quality

During ancient times, human beings frequently relied heavily upon their sense of smell to meet basic survival needs. Today, many people still respond on an unconscious level to subtle olfactory cues. If the environment in your home harbors any stale, musty odors, cigarette fumes, lingering food aromas, or pet smells, the odds remain excellent visitors will notice these issues.

One essential step before a showing relates to ensuring you maintain clean fabrics and upholstery in the residence. It makes sense in this situation to find a really good carpet cleaner. By carefully sanitizing floor coverings to remove embedded grime and stains, you'll significantly impact air quality in the home.

Additionally, don't forget to clean kitchen stove hoods and appliance surfaces carefully. These locations can retain the scent of foods and strong spices for extended periods of time. Scrubbing away grease deposits will enhance the freshness of kitchen air.

3. Don't Forget Exterior Cleaning

Finally, devote cleaning attention to the exterior of the residence. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the doorway itself usually makes a strong (and potentially lasting) impact on visitors. By making this location as inviting as possible, you'll set the tone for the way guests respond to other parts of your home.

If you reside in a house with an overhead gutter system, take the time to wash out this location. While no one will notice a sparkling clean gutter, a dirty or clogged one can cause negative reviews. Windy conditions on the day of your showing might cause a full gutter to splatter water, melting snow, or other debris over the eaves onto your windows!

Many houses receive heavy foot traffic along front steps and porches: cleaning these locations in advance ensures they display the premises well. Consider replacing worn or frayed doormats. If you reside in a residence with a lawn, make certain you check this location to remove any blowing debris from the area just before the showing.

A Worthwhile Effort

Taking these steps helps you display your property more effectively. You'll discover most people appreciate well-illuminated homes with excellent air quality. And by also ensuring the outside of the home appears sparkling clean, you'll help create a great first impression!

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