Benefits of modern LED ceiling lamps

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Technology is present in every space of our lives, to the point of creating new consumption habits and new sources of employment. It has revolutionized every sector of society, things as unthinkable as a car that drives without a driver; Remote communications in audio and video seem things taken from futuristic movies or cartoons. But today they are a reality. Modern Ceiling Lights have marked a milestone in its field of action; let's see what its benefits are.

Main benefits in the use of led ceiling lamps

1. Energy saving and the best use of energy.

Without a doubt, it is the main argument that the manufacturers and all the media have made known to us. The LED technology or Light Emitting Diode has been used for a long time in diverse computer equipment or in digital circuits. However, in recent years its use in lighting has become popular.

In principle, it solves a fundamental problem. Incandescent bulbs spend most of the energy consumed in heat. Yes, in heat, it is like thinking about lighting a room and for that, we connect the clothes iron to do it. Incandescent light wastes 80% of the energy in heat, while LED lights take advantage of more than 85% of the energy in lighting. After all, that's why we use a lamp to illuminate.

2. Led ceiling lamps can stop attracting insects

With the arrival of summer, opening the windows becomes a very common practice. But those of us who have done this know that outside insects take such action as a welcome sign. LED ceiling lamps offer a possible solution to this problem. But ... In what way will they do it?

They do not emit heat

Basically in two ways, the first and best known is that they do not emit heat, and this is one of the reasons why external intruders reach the old lamps. The led light does not generate heat; it is a cold illumination that can achieve any hue within the light spectrum.

Infrared light

The next and least known reason is that incest is attracted to infrared light; it is found under the visible spectrum of the human eye, but which other animals can perceive. Incandescent lamps emit this light, but LED lights do not. The same happens with ultraviolet light, they are also attracted to it.

3. Long duration that translates into future savings

One of the great advantages that LED ceiling lamps provide is the long duration; it is the most efficient investment that can be made. Incandescent bulbs have shorter duration given the fragility of the electric filament they use. While a conventional bulb can last between 750 and 2000 hours, LED bulbs can last more than 50,000 hours. While it is true that its cost is greater than that of a conventional bulb, it is also true that in the future it is savings wherever you look at it.

4. Greater safety and care of the environment

In addition to the energy cost of using incandescent lights, there is the fact that other technologies such as fluorescent lights contain mercury and tungsten that are highly polluting.

If they are not properly discarded, a fluorescent bulb can be exposed to water, by doing this it is transformed into methylmercury. This element is one of the six worst pollutants on the planet. It can reach humans by water consumption or by means of fish. Another factor in the environment is that the use of LED technology for lighting reduces CO2 emissions by 80%.

5. Savings in the electricity bill and in the household economy

By having a better efficiency ratio, we get an economy in the receipt of very considerable electricity. On average, the mere fact of the savings brought by the energy of the light bulbs can translate into about € 300 a year. If additional, we take into account that during the summer we will spend less energy in acclimating the spaces; since it is not going to generate additional heat; then we will be adding at least another €100.

6. They can reproduce almost all colors and be attenuated

At one time one of the doubts of many people to switch to LED lighting was because their predecessors’ fluorescent bulbs do not allow regulating the intensity of light. This was taken into account in the development of LED technology and they are perfectly variable; which is perfect for those spaces where we want to have a dim light for some more intimate moment; or a great illumination for things that require it.

In addition, if that were not enough, there are Dimmable LED Modern ceiling lamps that allow recreating the entire chromatic spectrum with high fidelity. It is based on the RGB principle of televisions and screens. The human eye does not perceive the variations of colors at high frequency; if we get close to a cathode ray screen (the old ones) we can see red, green and blue points ... through that, all the colors are reproduced.

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