Get Your Home Ready for Spring with These 6 Essential Tips!

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It is spring again! It is time to get the home ready for another year and repair everything that needs to be repaired and to address the effects of the past year and the cold winter. Do you know where to start with welcoming spring into your home? Get some essential home preparation tips for spring below!

Check Caulking on Door Seals and Windows

Spring Home Cleaning Tips

Going through winter can crack or damage the caulking around your windows and doors due to the extreme fluctuations in temperature. To avoid costly future repairs, it is best to have this checked and taken care of in spring.

To do this, check whether each window and door is still opening and closing without any issues. Next, you can check the hinges, any loose screws, holes, and cracks. Caulk can crack or sometimes pull away from the framing and not doing anything to correct this can cost you a lot of money in energy loss and possible water damage.

Inspect Your Roof Shingles

Spring Home Cleaning Tips2

It isn’t uncommon for shingles to get loose, crack, or get raised up because of changes in temperature. If left alone, this can lead to water seeping into your home and that can be a real pain to fix. The good thing is that inspecting your roof shingles is as easy as just giving it a once-over. No need to check each one, just do it on your own or better yet, hire a professional roofer for the job. You pay for 1-2 hours of a professional’s time to give you peace of mind for the year ahead. That’s a great deal!

Look for Piping and Faucet Leaks

Spring Home Cleaning Tips3

Damaged piping is expected to happen when freezing temperatures give way to warmth. It won’t hurt to check your piping and faucets for leaks and damage just to be sure everything is running well and there is nothing that needs to be repaired soon. An ounce of prevention is better than a stack of home repair bills!

Don’t Forget to Check Gutters and Eavestroughs

Spring Home Cleaning Tips4

Gutters easily get bent out of shape in winter and the fix is as easy as recaulking (most of the time) or just cleaning debris and dirt. If you’re not sure how to identify problem areas, wait for a day with rain and see where water is getting backed up, leaking, or not draining as it should. Remember, a damaged downspout can cause water damage to your foundation so be sure to give it a thorough inspection too.

Change Batteries in Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Fire Alarms

Spring Home Cleaning Tips5

Most communities have a campaign for when residents should replace the batteries in their fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms but it won’t hurt you to do this as a part of getting your home ready for spring.

Get Your HVAC System or AC Unit Serviced

Spring Home Cleaning Tips6

Your HVAC system and/or AC unit have to be serviced at least once a year to maximize functionality and energy efficiency as well as make sure it is taken care of. A bit of dust or a reduction in the efficiency can mean hundreds to a few thousand dollars-worth of wasted energy.

Don’t wait for the full swing of spring if you’re buying a home or even selling! The best time to act is today! 

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