Lake Winnipesaukee Waterfront Buying Secrets Issue 2.

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Lake Winnipesaukee Waterfront Buying Secrets Issue 2.

In   Lake Winnipesaukee Waterfront Buying Secrets Issue 1 we looked at the variations in lake water and shorefront as very key considerations when buying a lake home. As I said, not all lake water is created equal. Some lake water is crystal clear and some is tea colored. Some waterfront properties have a sandy bottom and some are rocky and yet some are mucky! Some water is rough and some water is calm. And, some water is deep enough to dock the USS Enterprise and in some places it is so shallow that it can be tough to get your boat to the dock in the Fall when the water is down.

Just like all water is not equal every Winnipesaukee lakefront lot is different as well. Everyone would love to have a private, large level lot with west or southwesterly exposure, a sandy beach, nice lawn area for the kids to play on, and a fantastic broad lake view.


Size doesn't always matter!

close 1One of the main things buyers always ask for is privacy and generally speaking they would like a big lot to achieve that. Unfortunately, large lots on the lake come with a large price tag…usually more than most buyers can afford. Every square foot of lake front property comes at a premium. The lake is really your front yard and playground and the ground is something that you usually need to maintain. A waterfront buyer can quickly realize that it is not so much about the size of the lot. It can be more about the amount of frontage the lot has on the water, what is next to you, and what you see that matters more.

For example, consider a lot that has 100’ of frontage with a house positioned in the middle. On either side are large lots each with houses set somewhere out of view with a buffer in between. This scenario can provide just as much privacy as a much large, sparsely landscaped lot with houses built near the boundary lines. Sometimes houses are orientated on relatively small lots so they are facing away from each other because the shoreline curves. And, sometimes an existing older structure is built very close to the water while newer structures on either side are set well back from the water due to new regulations or lot characteristics. There are all kinds of scenarios where the size of the lot doesn’t matter as much as what the other considerations are.

It's whats up front that counts!

The amount of frontage on the water is important when it comes to the size of the dock that you can have. The current rules on Winnipesaukee   allow for a 6’ x 40’ seasonal dock or a 6’ x 30’ permanent dock on a lot with more than 75’ of frontage. If you have less than 75’ of frontage you can get a 4’ x 24’ seasonal dock. Having at least 100’ to 125’ of shorefront seems work well for most buyers. Lots with less than 75’ feel pretty tight and closed in. Lots with even less frontage sometimes have issues with dock positioning because you have to have your dock 20’ from your boundary line.


On the level!

Image00030 MediumEveryone desires a nice level lot but they are not always easy to find in the rugged NH landscape. Level lots bring a premium price. There are many, many lots that vary from gently sloping to downright steep. Obviously, few buyers want to climb up and down three or four flights of stairs to get down to the water or back up to get the cooler they forgot to bring down. How many times do you want to run up for another soft drink or to take the kids back up to the bathroom? Older buyers certainly don’t want to have to climb up and down stairs, either. Sometimes you will have a lot that is steep from the road down to the house, but then it levels out so you have a nice yard. That would be much more preferable! There are a couple of advantages to buying a property with a steep lot, though. One is that you could have a pretty nice view being up a little higher and the other is the price is a generally more affordable.


Don't just go cutting trees!

Image00021 MediumThere was a time when you could “make” a waterfront lot just the way you wanted it. You could cut down all the trees in your way to get a great view, bulldoze the dirt around, create some nice lawn right down to the water, and build the biggest house you could to cover most of the lot. Not so anymore! The Shoreland Protection Act governs what can be done within 250’ of all protected water bodies such as Lake Winnipesaukee. Today you need plans and permits to do any work on the shoreline and there are rules that must be followed in order to protect our lake. The rules dictate how close a new structure can be to the water and how much area of the lot can be covered by impervious materials like buildings, patios, paved driveways, and walkways. The rules also control what you can do as far as landscaping and tree cutting which is a big deal for buyers that want to improve the view…sometimes you can and sometimes you just can’t.

The View.

Finally, all views aren’t created equal, either. Many buyers dream of big, expansive views. That my friend usually costs more! Certainly, pleasant views of coves or the mountains are very nice as well. It is always an individual preference as to what a buyer will fall in love with. Lot exposure is another big consideration. Most people like southwestern exposure so they can get all day sun and beautiful sunsets yet others love the easterly views of the Ossipee Mountains and are very happy with beautiful sunrises. Northerly views up the lake can be awesome, but exposure to the prevailing winds can cause the water to be a little rough and your waterfront to be a little cooler.

So there you have it. There are a lot of variables to consider and it is likely that you will make some compromises on some things…unless you have a truck load of money to spend. But, as far as I am concerned, just about any property on Winnipesaukee is better than no property on Winnipesaukee!

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