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Despite the ups and downs of the housing market in the past few years, real estate sales is still a remarkably good career for those who want a generous and steady income. It requires brains, hard work, and perseverance, but the rewards for those who stick with it over the long run are usually outstanding. Part of the challenge of real estate sales is picking up all the tricks of the trade and learning how to efficiently use time to make the most of buyer’s impulses and doubts.

Leading realtors, like Century 21 and RE/MAX, say the following tips are crucial in helping boost sales for the newcomer, as well as the veteran realtor:

Dress the part

It may seem like an overused cliché but dressing for success is still an important part of real estate sales. Realtors don’t have to wear a ‘costume’ that shouts their success from the rooftops, but they should consider their wardrobe choices carefully prior to each presentation. Commercial space, such as an office building, still means a business suit with a white shirt and conservative tie, or the equivalent blouse and shirt with sensible shoes, please. Buyers don’t want the least hint of the ‘hustler’ or ‘high pressure’ sales person when investing in commercial property. They want a conservative and informed person walking them through the premises.

With residential sales the agent can be a little more laid back -- but not much! Stick to solid colors and avoid pastels. Tone down that power tie and cut an inch or two off those stiletto heels. A realtor’s outfit should hint at success and confidence, as well as excellent color coordination, in order to help buyers feel confident in their abilities and friendliness.

Don’t assume bad breath only comes to other people. Always carry some breath mints. Check your teeth prior to each appointment, especially after a meal, to make sure that quinoa and kale salad didn’t leave something gummy and/or dangling in your mouth.

Do the homework

Know the basic facts about the surrounding neighborhood prior to the presentation. Where are the schools; shopping centers; theaters; etc. How are prices behaving in the immediate area -- are they going up or down or staying level? And be ready to respond to any and all of a potential buyer’s questions, no matter how trivial or unimportant they may seem. They are not unimportant to the client -- otherwise they wouldn’t be asking! And don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know, but I can find out.” And then make sure to follow up.

A professional landing page is crucial

It’s the age of social media and creating a professional yet easy to maneuver webpage is essential for capturing clients. The initial setup may take a bit of time, but it’s really become quite easy to set up your own landing page that will direct potential clients to your Facebook page, your Instagram, and your Twitter account -- and let’s face it; the more presence you have on social media, the better your chances of reeling in clients. But never forget that webpages, no matter how automated they may be, will still need your attention and supervision to make sure they don’t appear outdated or that glitches don’t occur that cause your pages to become unresponsive. When that happens, it’s as good as telling potential customers “Nobody cares enough about you to keep the information up to date.” And that can be fatal to any realtor, big or small.

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