Guide to choose an ice cream machine

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A machine to make ice cream is a powerful machine that will help us to enjoy incredible results, worthy of an ice cream parlor. With just one of these cheap ice cream machines, and with a good assortment of fresh and quality ingredients, we will make some ice cream to suck our fingers.

One of the main advantages of making these ice creams, compared to those that we can buy in regular establishments, is that we control exactly the ingredients that we are going to add, minimizing sugar, as well as some additives that may be harmful to our health.

Another of its advantages is that it is very simple to use; without involving any type of complication or related problem. In addition, with them, we can make from ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets, and a whole lot of related recipes.

If you have any doubt about which cheap ice maker to buy, with our guide you will have it very simple.

Types of ice cream machines

Refrigerators with freezer bowl: These machines are composed of 2 different parts; On the one hand they have an isolated freezer bowl that will have to be frozen before starting to use. Another part is a mixer that integrates an engine; It will adapt to the upper part and the desired effect will be produced.

This type of refrigerator requires a special type of preparation. The bowl must be frozen beforehand, between 8-24 hours before using it. However, they have the advantage that we will save a lot of them.

Refrigerators that integrate the freezer: Unlike the previous ones, with these machines, we can cool the bowl to the suitable temperature. While they are doing it, the different ingredients will begin to be mixed, achieving the desired texture at any time.

Now, they require light to work, so if we do not choose a model that consumes little, we can take some kind of surprise when the electricity bill arrives.

Ice cream machines with a gelled container: They are a very cheap type of refrigerator, which have a container that must be placed in the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours. Its main advantage is that, when buying them, we must get two different containers, in order to create as many flavors as we want.

Traditional ice cream machines: The key to betting on this type of cheap ice cream is that they have an integrated freezer that is called a compressor. They get the machine to cool down very quickly; so they are often used at the industrial level so that customers do not have to wait between ice cream and ice cream. In addition, we can get a whole series of flavors in a very short time.

Classic refrigerators: And we end with this type of refrigerator, considered the most basic, but at the same time the most economical. To use them, ice and salt must be added, achieving the right consistency and texture. These work with a crank, which can act mechanically, or electrically. Simply turn the cube and the dessert will be manufactured.

However, they have the problem that making ice cream can be a somewhat laborious procedure, about 20-30 minutes or so.

In case you want to buy a classic ice cream machine, we do not recommend you to do it with a manual option, otherwise, it is electric. In this way, we will not have to complicate life so much.

Portable ice cream makers: They are a good option for when we want to make ice cream anywhere; for example, on our summer vacations. They have the characteristic of having very tight dimensions, so it is a good option to adapt to any space condition. In addition, its cost is very tight, so it is a more than interesting option.

Creamy ice cream machines: Yes, really almost any machine gives you the option of creating a creamy ice cream, but it is not always like that. This type of ice cream machine also helps us to create frozen yogurts and even sorbets. There are even advanced models with special dispensers with which we can add from chocolate, rainbow noodles, pearls, and much more.

Analyze the different models of machines to make previous ice cream, and you will find one that suits your specifications.

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