Moving in a Modern and Eco Freindly Way

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Just as with any other human activity, the choices we make when faced with the task of moving house can expand or shrink our use footprint on earth. And, as in other areas, a little careful thought in advance can ensure that our impact on limited earth resources is minimal. A time in transition can be stressful, but eco-friendly choices abound as we work to change living quarters. Many of these ideas center around the old maxim, "waste not, want not," and can actually allow your move to be less stressful. We spoke with Busy Chaps removals in Exeter who are experts in fast and effecient home removals who gave us these fantastic tips.

1. Once you've lined up your new home, take a good hard look at the old one. What unused and unneeded--even unliked--items have infiltrated your living space? These reusable items can be donated to charity, and thus gain a new lease on life? Not only will someone else gain from these items, but the charity will be helped, and so will the environment. You gain by not having to pack, haul, and unpack excess baggage.

2. Speaking of clutter, work ahead of the mail delivery system. Write down a list of businesses and individuals which contact you by mail, and then take the initiative to inform them of your new address. This avoids mail being hauled to an inaccurate address before being redirected, and wasting time and fuel.

3. Rather than pay for a packing box, says technology blog LincolnLabs, why not locate one which has only seen limited use and is slated to be discarded by a company? You'll save money; the company saves the hassle and/or the expense of having the box hauled away; and the landfill is spared extra rubbish. Now multiply these savings by the number of boxes you're able to reuse, and the green starts to shine through. When you've completed your move, remember to reuse or recycle these boxes.

4. Okay. This may go without saying, but careful packing leads to less breakage and less irritation... an unbroken item doesn't need to be replaced. By utilizing box space in an efficient manner, you also minimize the need for fewer trips in transit or the need for a larger moving vehicle.

5. Gauge the size of the moving vehicle to the need you actually have. A larger truck can equal more fuel consumption, especially if the move occurs over a large distance. A little forethought can preserve not only the environment, but your money, as well.

6. In the weeks and days leading up to your move, make an effort to enjoy the food you already have on hand. In a nutshell, don't move food which could easily be worked into your menu.

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