How to choose the best toilet for the bathroom

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The most important piece of furniture in the bathroom is the toilet. When we are going to change it, we usually only look at it fulfilling its main function without taking into account other important factors. We share some ideas that you should know when choosing a toilet.

---> Consider an aspirated-assisted toilet when choosing the best toilet for the bathroom. This type is an innovation with respect to the standard gravity-assisted toilet because it uses a vacuum cleaner that carries the water more strongly into the bowl using the holes in the top edge of the toilet bowl. Vacuum-assisted toilets have a cleaner and quieter discharge than other models, making them ideal for a bathroom next to your room or in a quiet area of the house. However, unclogging these types of toilets requires some time and skills.

To unclog the cup, you need to remove the lid and put your control over an opening in the tank so that it can unclog. Toilet-assisted toilets also cost about 100 euros more than a gravity toilet. Think about buying a toilet of this type if you are looking for a device with a powerful but silent download, and if you are willing to spend a little more money to get it.

---> Consider a toilet assisted by electricity. This type uses an even greater force than vacuum-assisted toilets. In fact, some of the best toilets assisted by electricity are known as the only "toilets with horsepower". These toilets have 0.2 horsepower engines in the tank to literally inject the waste products down the drain, making them ideal if your bathroom has old pipes. This is an important factor to consider before choosing the best toilet for the bathroom.

Electric-assisted toilets can also save an average family 7,500 liters of water per year. However, these toilets have pumps that must be connected to the electric current; they are known for their incredibly noisy discharge sound and are currently the most expensive on the market. Think of buying an electric-assisted toilet if you need a model with an especially powerful discharge, despite its maintenance or cost.

---> Consider a double flush toilet. These toilets have two buttons on the tank, one for a discharge of half the tank, and the other for the entire tank (obviously, one or another discharge is used depending on the needs). Originally invented in Australia to respond to the country's constant drought cycles, but they are gaining increasing popularity, and have the best water-saving system compared to any of the other models. Think about this when choosing the best toilet for the bathroom.

In fact, there are studies that have shown that double-flush toilets use an average of only 26 liters of water per day, compared to 37 for a low-flow toilet and 72 liters for older models. This type can save a house about 8500 liters of water per year, and as it has two discharge options, you can choose a softer discharge sound or a stronger discharge sound.

However, this type has a fairly high purchase and installation cost. Decide for a double flush toilet if you are looking for a toilet option as respectful as possible with the environment. Keep in mind the long-term benefits of a double-flush toilet in terms of water savings that can offset the initial cost.

Finding the right discharge system

Determine the flushing power of the toilet. Finding a toilet that effectively discharges without clogging is critical. But, a toilet with less water consumption does not always mean that it has less discharge power than another model. The ideal toilet has to have a great capacity for eliminating waste and a great resistance to jams.

Check the amount of liters of water the toilet flushes by discharge. Current toilet models use about 6 liters of water per flush, which is about half the water used by older models.

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