Important Tips for Preventing Electric Fires at Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 01 May 2018 22:28

Fires in Australian homes don’t always start because of falling candles or overheated popcorn in the microwave. Electrical wiring problems are some of leading causes of house fires that occur in Australia. It’s extremely important that homeowners in Western Australia be aware of this fact and take the necessary steps to prevent a tragedy from happening. Read below for a list of crucial steps for preventing electrical fires in homes:

Be Aware of Crackling or Sizzling Wall Outlets

The leading reason for electrical fires is electrical wiring. Defects in the wires can lead to sparks that generate fires. Therefore, it’s important to be on the lookout for faulty wiring in the house. This usually occurs with wall outlets. If you see sparks when using a wall outlet, a small popping or sizzling sound, then that is an indication of faulty wiring. You may hear these sizzling sounds from behind walls as well, where wiring is actually located.




If you do spot sizzling wires or outlets, immediately turn each off. Cut off the power to that area if that’s possible in your home. Then immediately call a local professional repair service like the Perth Electrical Company to fix the issue. Never try repairing faulty wiring on your own. Always hire a professional electrician for the job.

Get Rid of Hot Light Switches

Does a light switch feel hot to the touch, even after not being turned on for a while? Does a light switch cause little sparks or let off sizzling noises when being turned on? If that’s the case, then you have a faulty switch. You need to replace the switch unit without delay. Stop using the switch immediately. Overall, if you have really old light switches in the home, it’s best to have each replaced with a more modern and safety tested product.

Don’t Use Worn or Fraying Cords

If you see a damaged cord, don’t use it at all. The exterior rubbery coating of cords should be completely intact for it to be suitable for safe use. If you see a frayed cord, a loose wire, or something similar, replace the item with a newer, safer one.

Replace All Two-Pronged Outlets

Two prong outlets are outdated and are not always up to safety standards. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to replace two pronged power outlets with three pronged ones.But make sure you choose the right products. Never convert a two pronged outlet to a three pronged one by removing the closed prong.

Minimise the Use of Adapters and Extension Cords

We often use so many gadgets at once, it’s common to have too many adapters in the house. Adapters can overwhelm power outlets leading to overheating and ultimately fires. Therefore, it’s best if you minimise the use of adapters. Instead, have new outlets installed. Try to use devices that use the same voltage as your region so you can avoid the need to use adapters or extension cords.

Use Surge Protection

Surge protectors can prevent the overall electrical grid in your house from becoming overwhelmed. You should use one of the adapters or extension cords for optimal protection.

Buy Certified Safe Appliances

Replace old appliances that use too much energy with modern ones have energy efficiency ratings. It’s the eco-friendly move.

Use the above tips to reduce the risk of electric fires at homes. Always remember: safety first.

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