5 Home Renovation Projects to Add-Value to Your Home

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A few home improvement projects can boost the monetary value of your home and make it safer and more comfortable for you and your family. Renovating your home can also reduce your maintenance and utility bills by a high percentage. Below are some home renovation projects you should consider.

Home Renovation Projects

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The first home renovation project that you should consider is painting. A fresh coat of paint can give your home a whole new look, brighten the space and get rid of the stained patches on the wall. Unless you are an expert in handling paint, consider hiring an expert to assist you with the job. With expert help, you will get a smooth finish without spilling paint on your floor and furniture. An expert can also assist in choosing the best paint to use both for indoor and outdoor painting.

Kitchen Remodel

Still using the cabinets from the 70’s? Consider making a transition to something more modern. You could change your countertops too to one that is easier to clean and offers a larger surface for meal preparation. If your family is growing, you can expand the dining area to make room for everyone. Additionally, consider replacing the inefficient kitchen appliances with something more energy efficient. Don’t forget the floor too; some new tiles can make a big difference in your kitchen.

Upgrade the Waterlines

Another area to look at when renovating your home is the plumbing. Upgrading waterlines is essential especially in older homes. The plumbing should be fixed when the water pressure is low or when you are having discolored water. The old metallic pipes that are subject to rust should also be replaced with modern ones to ensure that your family gets clean water. Old water pipes can leak and pose a health hazard to your family. Contact a licensed plumber to review your water pipes and determine it if is time for an upgrade.

Basement Remodeling

Turning your cold and dark basement into a beautiful living space is another remodel idea that can add value to your home. You can remodel your basement into an office, playroom, guest room or study room. However, regardless of the use, ensure that it has a safe exit for emergencies. Change the floor and fix the walls too. Since the space is dark and cold, it will require some good airflow and lighting. Such remodels can be complicated and thus you should seek help from an expert. Basement remodel costs will vary depending on the size and the transition that you want.

Energy Efficient Windows

Replacing your windows with energy efficient ones can help in lowering your energy bills. A huge percentage of the heat loss and gain in homes is through windows and thus go for energy efficient options to lower your bills.

Before you start with your home renovation project, come up with a budget. Also, note down the areas of your house that you feel require immediate attention. Finally, when hiring an expert, do your homework well. Check the qualifications, experience and the reputation as well.

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