Four Important Steps to Creating a Great Home Office

Written by Posted On Friday, 04 May 2018 15:47

An increasing number of people are taking advantage of the ability to work from home. As technology advances and professional culture in companies evolves, salaried employees as well as contractors or freelancers are able to be just as productive working from home as they could be while working in a traditional office environment. Many people love the flexibility and freedom associated with working from home, and there is also a benefit to being close to loved ones throughout the day. However, it is not reasonable to simply plop down on the sofa or camp out at the dining room table day in and day out. If you plan to work from home regularly, you need to create a great home office space. These essential steps will guide you through the process.

Choose the Right Work Area

One of the most important factors that will affect how productive you are in a home office is your selection of a suitable work area. The work area should be large enough for all of your functional and practical needs. For example, if you must have a large copier or multiple computer screens, your home office space needs to be large enough to accommodate this. The ideal space will also be removed from the main areas of the home so that you are not distracted by others. You do not want your work activities to encroach on family activities.

Plan Ahead for Technology

Technology is essential for most home work environments. You may only need a laptop and a cell phone, so your space requirements for technology may be minimal. On the other hand, you may plan to use elaborate programs or multiple programs, such as Google BigQuery and numerous others. If you need a server or several desktop machines, you will need more space for technology. Remember that more machines can make your office space warm, so plan ahead for climate control in this type of situation.

Focus on Organization and Storage

Some home-based workers can complete most or all of their work on a laptop, but many will accumulate stacks of paperwork, files and more. You need to have an organizational system in place to manage and track your current work documents. You may also need storage features to keep your older files properly organized and in good condition. Ensure that your office space has enough room for these items. You can use vertical space as well as horizontal space in some cases to maximize every inch of your office environment.

Create a Productive Space

When many people think about working from home for the first time, they may envision sipping on coffee on the back patio while watching the sun come up and typing away on a laptop. Some prefer to curl up on the couch with their dog at their feet. While this may be your work experience on occasion, remember that productivity is essential. You need to have an office space that is designed with productivity in mind, and one of the most productivity types of work environments is one that has a desk with a comfortable, supportive chair. The area should have an ideal climate and adequate lighting. You should feel alert rather than drowsy in this space. All distractions should be removed, and the entire space should be designed to promote total focus on your professional tasks.


There are few things more important to your ability to successfully work from home in a productive manner than your home office. Now is a great time to analyze your current work space and to think about how you can improve it. Each of these steps can guide your actions and help you to create a wonderful work environment. Remember that your work environment can affect your productivity level, your creativity, your family life and many other factors. Because of its importance, designing a great home office space should be a top priority for you.

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