5 Exterior Improvements that Will Raise the Value of Your Property

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When you are trying to sell a house, everything about it matters, but nothing matters more than the first impression. As that first impression is pretty much created by the exteriors of your property, here are five ways in which anyone can spruce up their exteriors and increase its overall real estate value.

Exterior Home Improvements

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The Fencing

Even before they have laid eyes on your home, the foremost thing which will come into view as potential buyers pull into the driveway is your fencing, and that’s what you need to work on first. There are hundreds of amazing privacy fence ideas that you can take advantage of, be it ornamental fencing, cedar fencing or just some plain, old chain links. The only thing you need to make sure is that it matches the theme and décor of the rest of your exteriors.

The Driveway

There are two main rules to having a decent driveway and they are that you should have one, and it should be well maintained. A nice coating of asphalt will make sure that the potential buyers have a nice and smooth experience as they drive in for a viewing.

The Front Door

The front door is pretty much where everybody from the outside is headed towards and it stands as the gateway between the interiors and the exteriors. Being the last piece of exterior that your guests or buyers will look at before entering your home, it’s extremely important that you make sure that the front door is polished, and that it doesn’t have any rusty hinges and opens unhindered.

The Yard

Now, this one is trickier than you may think. While a beautiful, lush yard with blooming flowers and thriving greens looks wonderful, it also signifies that the house comes with pre-existing responsibility of maintaining that yard. On the other hand, neatly mowed grass, with a few trees adorning the backyard feels like a beautiful but blank canvas that the new buyers can shape according to their own wish or just leave it as it is. If you already have an existing yard, then that’s great, but if you don’t, just keep it clean and minimalistic to have a different kind of appeal.

The Lighting

Having a well-planned outdoor lighting system is a must while living in the house and it will make your home look much more gorgeous as you try to sell it. Do make sure that the buyers come in during the evening though. However, if you don’t have any lights out there already and you are planning to sell the house anyway, it’s better to just skip this one and call them in during the day.

These five exterior decoration tips should help you sell your house faster and at a better price, but don’t forget the basics either. You still need to make sure that the paint isn’t peeling off anywhere and there are no stains or algae growing on the sides of your home. Also, buying a house is a big investment, so while the first impression is very important, buyers won’t pay top dollar for your home if it has faulty plumbing or bad wiring, so take care of the important things first.

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