How to find contractor reviews online for home improvement and house repairs

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Sooner or later, most homeowners hire someone to do repairs or improvement at home. Even the experienced do-it-yourselfer may need the services of a contractor or renovator because of the size or difficulty of the work. This information will help you choose a contractor and deal with it effectively and equitably to achieve the desired results and get more information to visit at

Hire a contractor

Once you have made the decision to renovate and you know what you want, or at least have a good idea, you arrive at the crucial stage of choosing the contractor or renovator. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Before choosing a contractor, go to see some of the work he has done, find out from past clients and check if he has a license.

The contractor that you commit will possess the technical skills, commercial and interpersonal, as well as the tools and the experience necessary to achieve your renovation project. Hire a contractor who has already done work similar to yours. He will know the materials and techniques to be used, and he will no doubt be aware of the problems encountered in this type of work and the solutions to be provided. He must also hold a building contractor's license. Because the license guarantees the solvency of the entrepreneur.

For large works, you can entrust all the work to a general contractor, since many renovation companies are responsible for both the design and execution of the work. If you prefer, you can also use an architect, an architectural technologist (given the scale of the work) or a designer who will make the necessary plans to obtain the permit and invite contractors or renovators to make an offer accordingly.

These specialists will also be able to offer you the opportunity to obtain all necessary permits, hire one or more contractors and supervise the renovations.

How to find and choose a contractor

Start by making a list of suitable entrepreneurs. A family member, friend or neighbor can recommend contractors who have done similar work. They will be able to talk to you about the reliability of the contractors they dealt with, the quality of the work performed and their overall experience with a particular company. You can also consult local building and renovation associations, building supply stores, municipal building services and the online home improvement website.

Discuss your project with a few contractors to get their feedback and suggestions on how to get the job done. At the first meeting, some will give you an estimate of the costs, depending on the size and complexity of the project. The first meeting usually focuses more on knowing the contractor and the work they can do. Unless you have had time to research the contractor beforehand, do not sign anything and pay no money at this point.

Try to find out as much as possible by asking questions like these:

àHow long have you been in business?

àFor what types of work do you or your subcontractors hold a license?

àWhat types of work are you specialized in?

à Have you done similar work before?

à Do you have your own team to do the work or will you subcontract all or part of the work?

à What would be your work schedule?

à What type of guarantee do you offer and what does it cover?

à Do you have workplace accident insurance and third-party liability insurance?

à Do you provide a written contract?

You will not offend a reputable company by asking questions. If a contractor does not seem to know too much about the technical details of the work or refuses to talk about it, it is probably not the one you need.

If the contractor plans to do all the work alone, make sure he has all the skills and qualifications required. But remember, it's important to get along with the contractor. If you cannot communicate effectively with it, the atmosphere can become very tense if the work is done over a long period of time. The entrepreneur must be able to explain what is happening as the project takes shape, discuss issues reasonably well and work with you to achieve the best results.

In addition, you need someone who is willing and able to help you improve your project as much as possible to make you more cost-effective. A contractor who is familiar with the type of work you are considering may suggest ways to achieve your goals within your budget.

The best proof of quality lies in customer satisfaction. The contractors you decide to meet should be able to provide you with references from at least three clients for whom they have done similar work. However, do not rely on these references blindly. Call customers and ask them to tell you about their experience with the contractor and the workers and to share their appreciation of the quality of the work. 

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