How Texans Are Keeping Their Homes in Top Shape

Written by Posted On Thursday, 17 May 2018 15:29

Texans know the importance of keeping their homes in top shape. According to Pew Research, a home is the biggest single asset for most people. When neglected, however, its value can quickly plummet, turning what should be an asset into a liability. This has prompted many Texans to proactively maintain their homes in the following ways.


HVAC Tuneup

With the average summer temperature in Texas hovering between 93 and 96 degrees, Texans are performing heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system tuneups to beat the heat. The HVAC system is responsible for regulating the temperature inside a home. Some systems use heat pumps to achieve this goal, which is a more energy-efficient solution than a furnace and air conditioning condenser. Regardless of type, a tuneup can improve an HVAC system's performance, making it more effective at cooling the home during the otherwise hot Texas summer months.



A pool is another way that Texans are beating the heat. With a pool, homeowners and their families can swim and lounge in the water. In addition to combating the summer heat, a pool also creates a social environment where homeowners can host parties and converse with their neighbors.

Rather than installing a generic pool, however, some Texans are going the extra mile by installing a custom pool. They tell the pool company exactly what they are looking for, and the company will build it according to their specifications. There are custom pools Dallas-Ft. Worth companies that can walk homeowners through every step of the process, ensuring they receive the perfect pool of their dreams.


Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are a routine form of home maintenance, especially for Texans. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), Texas had the greatest number of hail events in 2016. Meteorologists recorded 830 severe hailstorms in Texas in 2016. To put that number into perspective, Kansas has the second-most number of hailstorms at 569. Hail can wreak havoc on a roof, destroying shingles and contributing to water damage inside the home. To protect against this costly headache, Texans inspect their roof on a regular basis. If any shingles are damaged or missing, they'll make the necessary repairs.



When driving through the Lone Star State, you'll probably discover countless neighborhoods of well-manicured lawns. Texans place an emphasis on their landscape, investing countless hours into seeding, mowing and creating a brilliant lawn.


Humidity Control

Indoor humidity is a common concern among Texas homeowners. When humidity levels inside a home remain elevated, it can damage hardwood floors, furniture, drywall and more. Unfortunately, East Texas is known for its high year-round humidity. There are ways to protect a home from humidity damage, however, including the use of a dehumidifier. Texans use dehumidifiers to lower the humidity level inside their homes and protect against structural damage. This device essentially pulls moisture vapor out of the air to create a drier, less humid environment.


Foundation Inspection

Foundation damage is a serious problem for homeowners that can costs thousands of dollars to repair. When a home's foundation begins to shift, it can break apart supporting joists and studs. And the only way to fix this problem is to replace the damaged materials and have the ground professionally graded. Some Texans, however, inspect their foundation on a regular basis to protect against damage. A small hairline crack, for example, may indicate a shifting foundation, which can be fixed before it causes more serious damage to the home. While performing this maintenance requires time and energy, it can protect your home from damage while avoiding costly repairs in the process.

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