How to rent an apartment seasonally

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Do you own a second home or an apartment that you want to rent during certain periods of the year? Would you like to rent your main residence during your holidays? This guide of the owners is made to accompany you in this step, because the opportunities and the modes of hiring are numerous.

Rent your home: many advantages

The principle of seasonal rental is attractive: you welcome travelers to your main residence when you are away, for example to take advantage of periods of high attendance in your city or region. Or you make your second home available to tourists during the high, while reserving the opportunity to occupy yourself the rest of the time. Like many other countries in Nepal, many apartments or homeowners rent their apartments or houses for tourists because there are many tourists traveling every year there. Most of the tourists go to the Everest tour there and to overcome Everest Base Camp trek difficulty, they need to hire an independent guide for trekking to Everest Base Camp.

The desire for authenticity, the desire to live for a few days like the locals, the personalized welcome: this is what travelers who choose private renting ask for.

What is the advantage? For a principal residence, you can obtain a supplement of income which will help you to repay the monthly installments of the loan, to pay your property tax, to pay the charges, etc. While your home is occupied, you leave on holidays (they are thus profitable in part or in full) or you find other means of accommodation. In large cities and tourist areas, seasonal renting can be very lucrative.

For a second home, you earn enough to cover all or part of the maintenance costs, for a dwelling that would otherwise remain unoccupied for a large part of the year. The cost of maintenance is reduced because human presence limits the accumulation of dust and spider webs.

How to rent in seasonal?

To know how to rent your apartment or house in seasonal, follow our advice!

The demand for holiday accommodation continues to grow. Travelers are more likely to prefer the rental in an individual to traditional hotel services. In question: the desire for authenticity, the desire to live for a few days like the locals, the personalized welcome ... And of course, the cost, which is much less than that of a hotel room for geographical locations often much better.

For you, the owners, the ideal is still to take care of your rental, via ads posted on platforms that abound on the Internet. These sites are often educational and inform you through dedicated pages: how to rent apartment in seasonal? How to write a good ad? How to manage the reception? etc.

How to rent your apartment in seasonal: the different possibilities

In this part of the guide, we will explore the different possibilities you have for knowing how to rent your apartment or house in season.

Rent according to the duration

The principle of seasonal rental involves a reduced rental period: several days, or even one or two weeks. But it is quite possible to rent your apartment or house for very different periods of time: weekly or for much longer periods. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. You can also rent your home for the holidays: in this case, it is a good way to make your holidays profitable!

Primary or secondary residence?

The answer to the question "how to rent your apartment as a seasonal" depends in fact on a key factor: is it your main home or a second home that you live only a few weeks per year?

Renting your main home means that you go on vacation or find a place to stay during your tenants' stay. Renting a second home is simpler, since you do not live there, but requires to entrust the reception and maintenance to professional services.

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