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A logo is a graphic creation, which represents a kind of visual identity card of the company. A visual identity is essential for every business, but even more so for real estate, a sector where it is essential to stand out from the competition. Discover our article dedicated to the creation of the excellent Real Estate Logos.

Why create a logo for a real estate agency?

The logo is essential for any real estate agency because it is the first visual contact of the client with the agency. Its role is to make the agency attractive by making customers want to discover this agency and not another. It will recognize your agency and differentiate it from others. This requires that the logo represents your company reflects the professionalism of your agency and your values. It must be in adequacy with the activity of real estate agency.

The basic rules of the logo

First, a real estate logo must meet several criteria in order to be really effective:

è Identify your business sector

èRespect the color code of the agency

èAdapt to all kinds of supports

èBe easily remembered

èTransmit your values ​​as much as possible

èBe legible when printing in black and white

To achieve these goals, some points will require special attention. We will review them without delay.        

The colors for a real estate logo

The colors chosen for your real estate company must inspire confidence, professionalism and sympathy. They are vectors of emotions and values. Find out what values ​​are associated with which colors to make a choice that best matches your identity.

èBlue is associated with the sky and the sea. It will inspire seriousness, wisdom, truth and loyalty. But also the dream and the freshness. This is also the most used color for logos in the real estate sector.

èYellow and gold are associated with the sun. It's the color of joy, energy, warmth and creativity. It is often used in a tourist context, so it will be an excellent color for the logo of a real estate agency. 

èRed will be associated with emotion, luxury, energy, determination and knowledge. It is an effective choice to bring contrast. 

èBlack is a color that has a double face. On the one hand, it involves power and sophistication, but on the other hand it is associated with dishonor and death. More prosaically, most logos will have a black and white version for use in cases where color is not available. There is currently a trend for monochrome logos.

Once you have chosen the main color, you will have to associate another one. Prefer the use of complementary colors, as this makes the logos easier to remember. Yellow and purple or orange and blue perfectly illustrates this fact.

Choose a format for an agency logotype

A real estate logo is intended to be affixed to all types of media. As a result, the vector format is clearly the most suitable. By making this choice, you can enlarge the logotype at your leisure without leaving any pixel visible. Thus it will be easier to screen on a fleet of professional vehicles or on the facade of an agency without losing the quality of the image.

Although it is recommended that the base of a logo be in the above extensions, other formats may be used. For example it can be useful to use the png format   for transparency, or the jpg for light images and therefore beneficial to the SEO of your website.

How much does it cost to create a visual identity?

It is undeniable that the tariffs for the design of a symbol are very heterogeneous. In fact, prices vary mainly depending on the reputation and geo-location of the graphic designer.

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