Find a reliable mover: tip to make the right choice!

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It is not for nothing that moving is one of the main sources of anxiety among people: changing homes means embarking on a series of choices and difficult decisions. When after long weeks of research, you finally manage to find your new home, the moment comes to find the right moving company. But how to choose a mover, and on what criteria? List of things to consider when choosing a mover with ease!

Do not put the cart before the horse! Before you start looking for a specialized service provider, we advise you to precisely define the configuration of your move. Here is a small summary list of the different steps you need to assimilate.

1. Determine the volume to move

It is important to have a clear idea of the volume your move represents. For information, you can use online moving simulator. The latter allows you to calculate in real time the cubic volume of your move and its price instantaneously.

2. Make an inventory of your move

Do you own fragile goods, such as art objects or high-tech? Do you want to carry bulky items like refrigerator, piano, or washing machine?

It's important to make a list of things you want to move so you do not get caught off guard on D-Day.

3. Specify the services you will need

Do you want to pack and unpack the boxes yourself? Are you able to dismantle and reassemble your furniture? Do you want to apply for a parking permit in the departure and destination cities, or do you prefer to delegate the task?

With House Removals Luton, you only need a few clicks to book the services that suit you. You can choose to map and modulate as you see your move.

4. Consider distance

Is it a long-distance move, or a move to the same city? Do you have an elevator?

These elements are important because they will determine not only the price of your move but also the means necessary to set up.

5. Deadlines and availabilities

Do you have to move in an emergency? Do you need a day off for your move?

We particularly advise you to consider subscriptions to be canceled or moved. We have the checklist that you need!

6. Think about your budget

It goes without saying, certainly. However, depending on the type of property you plan to move, it may be more expensive to use a discounted company. If you cannot do otherwise, it may be wise to take out a moving insurance.

Avoid starting your research before knowing exactly which tasks you want to entrust to the movers!

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