How Texas Residents can Prepare for Home Foundation Repairs

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A crack can occur in the foundations of a house, regardless of the building material used. The causes are diverse and can affect any home: ground motion, extreme temperatures, frost, humidity or presence of water in large quantities.

But how to repair a foundation crack? Today, Texas Home Foundation Repairs Company brings few tips for you. Find out how to fix this problem when you see one in your house.

Why repair a crack in a foundation?

This type of defect can occur in a new or older home. They can also occur on concrete foundations, but also on other types of materials. The causes are variable and unpredictable, but it is important to fix them quickly because a crack can alter the robustness and the life of a house.

Prepare for crack repair:

Analyze the type of crack

The cracks on a foundation are not all the same. They have characteristics that do not have the same impact or the same risk for the structure:

•   Active crack: the crack is not fixed and may increase with time.

•   Passive crack: the crack is fixed and will not move.

To define the type of crack, there is a simple method of making a mark along the crack and observe the same crack a few months later to check if it has moved or grown. If this is the case, it is an active crack! Even more unstable, this crack is likely to increase, especially during periods of strong weather or ground movements.

For passive cracks, these are often due to the retraction of the concrete during the construction of the foundation. Although less harmful, it is advisable to reseal the crack to seal it permanently, thus avoiding possible water infiltration.

How to repair a storage crack and what method to use?

To repair a foundation crack, there are two very specific methodologies:

•   Establish a repair from the inside: mainly used to fill a small passive crack.

•   Establish an exterior repair: mainly used to repair a crack

The two methods are a priori as good as the other, so it is the size and nature of the crack that will define the choice of repair.

The best is, of course, to speak to a professional to get his opinion and choose the best method: it could also save you from investing a lot of time and money in works whose results in time will not be at the height.

How to repair a foundation crack and which product to use?

Depending on the type of crack, as well as the material used during the design of the foundation, it is necessary to choose the type of consolidation with which it will be necessary to repair the crack in the foundation. Our specialists perform either a high-pressure injection or a low-pressure injection.

Finally, the injected product also differs according to the cracks, between the polyurethane and the epoxy, the choice will be made according to the nature of the crack. These two methods react differently depending on the type of crack to be sealed, the moisture content of the wall and other technical considerations.

Experts at your service for a successful repair

You know right now how to repair a foundation crack. You understand that a bad repair of cracks can do more harm than good, that's why we advise you to call on professionals of this type of work. Texas Residents can prepare for Home Foundation Repairs in this issue. Our Expert specialists will be happy to help you and your home: contact us for a free quote! For more details visit our foundation repair companies with blogs.

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