Home Improvement: 5 Qualities of an Expert Forklift Operator

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A forklift is a vehicle used to lift and carry heavy loads from one place to another. And driving one could be a tricky task. To be able to operate such device through tight spaces. And to lift and move heavy loads from one place to another is surely a talent an expert forklift operator can only have.

Therefore, to look for a good and reliable forklift operator should only be the goal of every warehouse manager. After all, safety is the number one thing you really don’t want to sacrifice in a busy place like a warehouse.

The real question here is, what is an expert forklift operator like? How can you differentiate an expert from someone who just merely have an experience? Tricky isn’t it? But don’t fuss, listed below are five qualities you should look for as you hire your new forklift operator:

Forklift and Factory Experience

They say that the best teacher in life is an experience. And it is indeed true with forklift operators. The last thing you wanted to have is an operator who never used a forklift before. More than the ability to operate the said vehicle, familiarity with it is also equally important. People who know the ins and outs of operating forklifts, and fixing it as well if need be, will surely have the edge among the rest.

In addition, a forklift has different types. One of which is the manual pallet jack. This type is widely used for factories and is ideal for short distances. It is used to carry heavy packages from a delivery truck into the factory. Being said that, it goes to show that it’s not all about knowing how to operate a forklift. Most importantly, it is about knowing which one to use in a given situation.

Commercial Driver License with Formal Training


Look for drivers who have a commercial driving license. Why? Because drivers who acquire such license mean they are used to operating heavy vehicles such as trucks. You might not be aware of this, but driving heavy trucks requires a certain technique as well. You can’t just aggressively step on a break or accelerate whenever you feel like it. You’ll soon find out that commercial drivers tend to be more cautious and can work with ease given the tight spaces and heavy loads.

Although experience can get you hired, formal training could help you keep the job. A formal training in a reputable organization is also a big plus. A candidate who went into an extensive program has a better edge compared to those who haven’t.

There are businesses that offer professional training for forklift operators like this https://www.masterdrive.co.nz/driver-training/forklifts-training-courses-nz/. You should always check for certifications and qualifications of the forklift operator before signing up.

Efficient Communication Skills

And you thought operating forklifts only includes driving it.

As you continue your search for the company’s next forklift operator, don’t forget to check their communication skills too. A person who can properly relay messages across both parties is absolutely an advantage. You know how busy a warehouse can be, so I’m sure you would appreciate someone who can take orders and efficiently carry out tasks at the same time.

Illustrate Patience and Can Work Under Pressure

Working in a warehouse or a factory is not particularly the most conducive place to carry out tasks. It’s always busy and never quiet. And operating a device which has a heavy load to it is like navigating your way through a chaotic area. It does take a toll on everyone’s patience. Most especially on the forklift operators’.

Having someone who can work under pressure can really be handy. The workplace is already chaotic. You don’t want to add another burden to the rest of the employees. After all, you are not just looking for someone who can work fast, but someone who can actually do the job and regards safety with utmost importance.

Organization Skills  


Aside from having someone who can work efficiently, make sure to keep an eye on an applicant’s eye for details too. Someone who is keen on details is someone who is organized as well.

Picture another busy day at work. Deliveries are going to arrive all at the same time which you didn’t expect will happen. As a supervisor who has to overlook on the day-to-day business, you already have loads on your plate. So you would expect your employees to work independently during times of crisis. As you hand over a pile of paperwork to your forklift operator, you are then passing the call for them to make the decision on their own.

An organized employee, can think fast and decide strategically which job to prioritize and which work can wait for a while. An expert forklift operator, fortunately, acquires that skill. All you have to do is make sure you get the hint during an interview.

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