Moving to Chicago: What to Expect

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Chicago is one of America’s most famous cities. In the 1920’s, it was famous for the crime ring of Al Capone. Today, it offers some of the best museums and restaurants in the country. Many people visit Chicago as tourists. You, on the other hand, want more. You want to experience the joys of Chicago, not on vacation, but year-round. Moving to Chicago isn’t as simple as moving across town. Expect quite a few changes, especially if you’ve never lived in the city. For more success as you move, consider the following tips. Chicago is a wonderful place to live, if you’re prepared for its complexity.

Higher Rent

Chicago is the third largest city in the US, and rent isn’t cheap. You won’t buy a place for several years, so your first introduction to Chicago will involve renting. Being close to downtown means more opportunities, but it also means steeper prices. Being far from downtown could mean lower prices, but it could mean higher crime rates. Find the right balance for your budget, and don’t be afraid to land a smaller place. You can always rely on a self-storage Chicago based company until you can afford a bigger home.

Unsafe Walking Hours

Chicago has a diverse array of neighborhoods, and each one comes with a different crime map. Look at crime data and online platforms where crime rate discussions take place. Some crimes might relate more to business; other crimes might affect more residents. Pick a neighborhood in your comfort zone and stay safe. Many neighborhoods have nothing to fear. No matter where you live, however, you should avoid being out alone after dark. In some neighborhoods, you’re safe until midnight or 2 am. In others, you should find a safe place indoors by 10 p.m.

Less Driving

Like any major city, driving in Chicago is often a pain. As a resident, you might still drive to work, but you’ll find yourself taking the train more often. The train may move faster than bumper to bumper traffic, or it might move slower. Either way, adjust to listening to music, a podcast, or a book as you wait for your stop. By taking the train, you’re helping the environment, so you can feel good about that. If you hate the idea of a forty-five-minute commute, however, you should try to get an apartment closer to where you work.

More Opportunities

You might head to Chicago for a job, but people more often move for the opportunities. There’s more to see in Chicago, more restaurants to try, and plenty of community events to enjoy. While Chicago is often pricey, it also has plenty of events to enjoy for free, from concerts to street festivals. If you’re headed from small town suburbia to Chicago, the explosion of opportunities brings a welcome change. You might spend more money in Chicago, but you’ll never suffer boredom.

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