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Written by Posted On Thursday, 14 June 2018 13:58 was just released as is the first website that allows borrowers to get extensive information about loans and review lenders. The site is in directory format and includes detailed information for both novice and expert borrowers. It also proves to be extremely helpful for lenders who are looking to expand their customer base. includes the following information for each lender listed:

  • Types of loans offered

  • Loan terms

  • Rates and fees

  • Property types

  • Geographic areas covered

  • Reviews by other users

The website also includes multiple statistics about loans issued in the selected area, the number of hard money lenders operating in the area, average interest rates, and typical loan parameters offered. Users who are not familiar with how loans operate will be able to view thousands of loan examples so they can understand exactly how hard money loans work.

There is no fee for the listings so lenders can take advantage of a free posting of their services. Lenders are listed on the site by search area and are categorized by loan type, as well as a proprietary relevance and a quality ranking. The site will be helpful for lenders who wish to expand their loan portfolios. also includes general information, such as a guide for each U.S. state, which contain details on foreclosure laws, deficiency judgments, protections for service members, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, high risk mortgage protections, and additional laws pertinent to each state. also features several other useful categories. There is an always growing index of articles covering all sorts of topics from real estate investment and house renovations, to protecting yourself financially, and numerous other relevant real estate investment topics. The company also offers an annual scholarship to one student who has a dedicated interest in volunteerism and entrepreneurship. The company values are based around giving back through volunteering as well as creating a helpful business for others. believes students should be honored for their devotion to their community and for their creativity that comes from having an entrepreneurial spirit.

There are thousands of people who are inspired by shows such as Flip or Flop on HGTV and new investors are entering the industry constantly. TV shows can make house flipping look simple and easy, but most don’t show the ins and outs of the financial side of the business. There are numerous rules and regulations surrounding these deals and funding is often a primary obstacle for investors. will be a helpful resource for people looking to enter the industry and have a sustainable experience as a house flipper, or any other type of investor in need of real estate capital.

The overall goal of the lender search engine is to help real estate investors find the best lenders available across the country. plans on keeping up with industry trends, refreshing the lending directory daily and expanding the listings, guides, information and detailed examples for the most optimal user experience.

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