Five Fabulous Loft Conversion Ideas

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 20 June 2018 03:22

Unlike in the United States, where the term “loft” conjures up images of a wide-open living area incorporating the functions of many rooms in a single space, in the UK, loft is used interchangeably with “attic” and refers to the often unused space between the ceiling of a home’s upper room and the roof.

A UK loft is often used to store junk, unused items and even valuables. There have been many long-forgotten valuable heirlooms discovered in lofts left by the finder’s parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents. However, these days due to the high cost of moving, a lack of suitable properties, and many offspring staying at home with their parents for much longer as it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a foot on the property ladder, more and more homeowners are opting for a loft conversion to create additional living space.

Depending on the size of the loft and the type of roof, your loft conversion can take many forms. Generally speaking, unless you live in a conservation area, you don’t even need planning permission. You can make an extra room with hopefully enough space for a bathroom or in some cases even two extra rooms and a bathroom. You could choose to install a home office or a PC gaming room for the kids and their friends. Alternatively, you could do as the following imaginative homeowners have done and make your loft into something really special. The following are my top five favorite ideas for a loft conversion.

Home Cinema

This home cinema loft conversion makes use of the space in an ideal way for a film-loving family or people who like to entertain friends with a movie night. It could also double up as a fabulously luxurious guest room!

home cinema


If you like entertaining, but are not so fond of the TV or movies, converting your loft into a bar could be the perfect solution. Unlike going to the local pub, the drinks are going to be as cheap as in your local supermarket, and there is no problem of planning how you will get home after a few too many of your favourite tipple.

loft conversion bar

Man Cave

For the man of the house, converting the loft into a man cave could be the ultimate fantasy. This man cave conversion features a full-size bar, a pool table, and for sure there is a large screen TV lurking at the back of the conversion for watching live sports matches at the weekend.

man cave loft

Fitness Room

Another excellent use for a loft that will please the female occupants of the house as much as the males, is to create a fitness room. Here are two examples of great fitness rooms that will undoubtedly save the occupants much time as they no longer have to commute to a gym, as well as money in gym memberships.

loft fitness

loft fitness2

Spa Room

Having your private spa to relax in whenever you are in the mood, sounds like a dream for most women, and it does not require a considerable investment. The ultimate in luxury, this loft converted into a spa room has a hot tub and an adjoining relaxing Ecosa mattress.

loft conversion spa

As you can see, there are many diverse ways to use the redundant attic space and make your home more functional, not only for your family but friends and visitors. It does require some investment, but the significant rise in property value will give you a very worthwhile ROI, along with increased enjoyment of your home.


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