Five Unusual Home Extension Ideas

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 20 June 2018 04:09

In many municipalities in the world today, particularly large cities, moving house can be an expensive and a challenging situation. With property prices on the rise, and good propertes increasingly hard to come by, many homeowners are opting to add an extension to their existing home rather than look for a larger property when the need for more space arises.

Builder Dave Hunt from Touchstone Builders Oxford says there are many ways to convert your living space that won't require you to take out a second mortgage. Typical extensions include a kitchen extension on the side of the house, a conservatory added to the rear of the house which is also known as an orangery, or a loft conversion which makes use of the unused space between the upper ceiling and the roof. Usually extensions will add a bedroom, a larger kitchen Ior a home office, but of course you can use the extra room in any way you like, such as a home cinema, fitness room or a personal man or woman cave. Depending on your regional regulations, you may or may not require planning permission, but always check before you start building an extension.

Here are some of my favourite ways that creative homeowners have made the most of the space available to them.

Two Level Loft Conversion


This lovely loft conversion makes use of all the available space by adding a separate level for clothes storage and other items. If you look at this design, you can see a minimum amount of money has been spent. although the end result is stunningly attractive.

Children's Bedroom


Most lofts, even those with a really small amount of space and can be converted into an extra bedroom with a bathroom.  But that is not always the case - this loft appears to be very small, but the homeowners have made the most of the available area making it into a cosy room for a child. It's fun and bright, and the fitted bed has storage room incorporated into the base to make the most of the limited space.

Glass Conservatory


This creative London homeowner has taken the indoors outside by adding a glass conservatory which opens fully at the front. This is an excellent way of extending your indoor space and making use of your outdoor space all year round.

Two Storey Extension


Again in London, where space is at an absolute premium, this savvy homeowner has made the most of their back yard by installing a two story extension providing a dining room, an open plan kitchen, a bedroom and an office. The extension has many windows, making an indoor space that manages to communicate extremely well with the exterior.

 Back Yard Extension


The unusual shape of this extension gives this London home an edgy modern look inside, while also fitting in with the traditional roof shapes of the area. It's a great modern way to make use of a small backyard that would rarely be used in the winter time, while not eliminating the outside space entirely.

Adding a home extension like this to a property in a city where prices are high will add significant value to your property, as well as providing extra living space while you are occupying the house

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