5 Renovations to Achieve Best Resale Value

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Mulling about which home renovation and home improvement projects to go for to really increase your home’s value? These days it isn’t enough for home projects to simply be fun. You have to be at least knowledgeable about which home projects will do well with time and with inflation and your home’s resale value in mind. Below are suggested home projects that can improve your home’s resale value.

Invest in a Fireplace

Home Renovations Ideas

You may add a fireplace if you don’t have one already or consider adding more on top of jazzing up existing ones. The fireplaces that increase home value the most are gas-burning ones although a lot of people will offer a premium for wood-burning fireplaces.

Update Your Bathroom

Home Renovations Ideas2

Updating your bathroom need not cost an arm and a leg. A fresh paint job along with a re-grouting will go a long way more so when done together with changing the fixtures. Even swapping the mirror or changing light fixtures can create a huge change that you’ll enjoy and add value to your home.

Make Your Home Smart

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The addition of technical advancements to a home is bound to make it more appealing especially for today’s buyers. If you’re on a budget and want long-lasting updates, investing on programmable thermostat is always a good decision. The next step is to add more high tech versions of doorbells, security systems, locks, and lighting systems. Just be sure to pick ones that won’t need to be replaced soon to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Jazz Up Your Front Yard

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The value added by curb appeal is real. Your front yard speaks volumes about your home because the way it is maintained can give people an insight about what’s inside the house and the type of homeowner that you are. Quick fixes include painting the front door and the mailbox a new hue. Changing the outdoor light fixtures won’t hurt as well as adding plants or imparting colours to your planters.

Get a Kitchen Upgrade

Home Renovations Ideas5

A kitchen upgrade is perhaps one of the top if not the best choice for home improvement to increase resale value. Some things to consider would be knocking down walls for an open layout, changing how things are arranged to make the kitchen more user-friendly, or getting new appliances. Less drastic options include painting the walls and cabinets, replacing hardware, or installing a new backsplash. If you’re close to reselling and the kitchen is relatively new, replacing the lighting and adding wall art plus a touch of green can do the trick.

Improving your home’s resale value need not be filled with stressful and expensive decisions. Have a game plan of what you want to achieve and identify home improvement measures that will give you that to help you stay focused.

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