Home Inspection Mistakes Real Estate Buyers Have To Avoid

Written by Posted On Saturday, 23 June 2018 06:20

Home inspections are very important in real estate. The inspectors are going to identify problems and offer information that buyers need in order to determine future upkeep. Unfortunately though, many do not actually understand how important the inspection is when they buy a property. Because of this, various home inspection mistakes are made by the buyer. These are the ones presented below. If you want to buy any real estate property, be sure you avoid these.

Not Knowing Anything About The Home Inspector

Similar to absolutely all services out there, it is vital that you know all that you can about the inspector that will carry out the inspection. People tend to hire just who is recommended. That is not a good idea since any home inspection will directly depend on who performs it.

You are basically interested in experience. You need to learn for how long inspections were done and how many were actually performed. Then, learn about certifications, training and qualifications. Basically, the inspector needs to be certified and up-to-date with everything related to the real estate industry.

Not Being Present When The Inspection Happens

This is not something that is mandatory but it is definitely smart. When you just read a report you do not actually get the entire picture. In fact, really good and experienced home inspectors do not even want to do the job if the homeowner is not present. Inspections can take a long time so it is important to set aside the needed time to be there. Great inspectors offer an estimate about how much you have to spend on upgrades and repairs. Such information is vital for the buyer.

Not Actually Reading Home Inspection Report

In so many situations we see that buyers are just interested in reading the conclusions of the home inspection report. This is a mistake. You can end up missing a lot. For instance, you might not know that you will need to hire plumbers to take care of some minor problems that were identified since they were not crucial and were not pointed out in the conclusion of the inspection report.

Try to find inspectors that use really concise and clear language in the written reports. Scan some past reports and look at the website of the inspector. Ask for sample reports to be sure everything is thorough and you can understand everything that is written.

Not Getting Presale Home Inspections

Sellers tend to leave presale inspections in the responsibility of the buyers. This can be a mistake. Buyers get the inspection and sellers do not have a lot of time to actually complete repairs. When sellers already inspected the property it is an advantage for the buyer too. The entire negotiation phase is faster and the deal can be closed in a much shorter time frame.


Home inspections are really important for everyone involved in the selling process but the real estate investor needs to be particularly careful. Never make the mistakes above and be careful who you hire.

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