4 Home Maintenace Tasks You Must Do Before Selling

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If you're thinking of selling your home, maintenance may not be at the top of your to-do list. After all, you don't plan on living in your home for much longer. But putting in the time and effort to carry out a few final maintenance tasks can help your home sell quicker and prevent complications during the sale process.

Here are four maintenance tasks that you must do before selling your home.

1. Clean Up the Yard

Many sellers overlook the importance of curb appeal. When potential buyers drive up to your home, you want the exterior of the home and the yard to be inviting.

While you don't necessarily have to invest in expensive landscaping – although that can also help – you should clean up your yard. Clear brush, pick up any debris that may be laying around and rake leaves.

A clean and tidy yard will be more attractive to potential buyers.

If you plan to sell in the spring, you may consider planting flowers or adding some potted flowers to spruce up the yard.

2. Service Your HVAC System

A home's HVAC system is one of its most important components, and it's also costly to fix if something goes wrong.

Having your system serviced before you put your home on the market can save you time and frustration if an inspection finds something wrong and the buyers back out.

"If preventive maintenance is neglected, systems will run less efficiently and cost more to operate," says C. Lee Services. "More importantly, indoor air quality is jeopardized which could potentially lead to a life-threatening situation." Learn more about this at http://thatscleanmaids.com/houston-tx/house-cleaning-services/spring/

In the very least, having your HVAC system serviced will ensure that it's running optimally for the new owners and can certainly serve as a selling point.

Before putting your home on the market, have a maintenance inspection performed and a cleaning.

3. Clean the Gutters and Inspect the Roof

A home's gutters should be cleaned and inspected at least twice a year. When gutters become clogged, it can lead to drainage issues that can damage your home's foundation. The last thing you want is for buyers to see puddles as they approach your home.

While you're cleaning the gutters, take the time to inspect the roof. Yes, the roof will be inspected during the home inspection, but taking the initiative and doing it before you put your home up for sale can save you frustration and money.

If you find any cracked or damaged shingles, you may want to fix the problem before you start taking offers. In addition, install a gutter guard to protect the gutters from future clogs.

4. Paint

A simple coat of paint can change the entire look and feel of a home. Choose bright, neutral colors that will appeal to everyone. Beige, white, off-whites and other earthy tones will make your space look larger and more inviting to potential buyers.

To speed up the painting process, consider investing in a good quality paint sprayer. Your arms will thank you!

And because the colors are neutral, buyers will have an easier time envisioning themselves living in the home.

These four simple maintenance tasks can help sway buyers into putting in an offer and help ensure that the sale goes as smoothly as possible. Click this link for more information about buying and/or selling condos.

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