5 Common Lawn Weeds and Solutions to Fight Them

Written by Posted On Thursday, 05 July 2018 05:45

As a homeowner, nothing impresses in the outdoor like a healthy-looking lawn. It’s very fulfilling to take a step outside and see your kids relaxing comfortably on the green grass. However, it doesn’t come cheap. You have to invest a lot of effort and money to get rid of stubborn weeds. If not, the weeds will deprive your grass moisture and nutrients, making the lawn unsightly. To help you enjoy lush grassland, here are 5 common lawn weeds and solutions to fight them from Solutions Stores.

  1. Buttonweed

The buttonweed is a serious threat to your lawn during the warm season. You can identify the weed by looking for dense patches on the lawn. Buttonweed is not easy to control through physical means such as mowing and hence it may frustrate you. This is because the seeds are very small and spread faster.

Quick Fix: Use active herbicides from Solutions Stores such as MSM Turf, SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf, and Certainty Turf.

  1. Carpetweed

The Carpetweed (Devil’s grip or Indian chickweed) is common in tropical America and Africa. It is also found in the US in areas with sandy soils. The weed is easily identifiable by its rosettes-like seedlings which tend to appear as soon as the soil has warmed in spring and grows fast into carpet-like cover over the soil within a few weeks.  It’s very stubborn and thus cannot be fully eliminated through physical means.

Quick Fix: Use a vigorous herbicide such as Atrazine, MSM Target 6 Plus, and Celsius WG from Solutions Stores.

  1. Dandelion

Dandelions are very appealing to kids when they grow on the lawn. The kids enjoy blowing their seeds without knowing that they are enhancing dispersal. You can identify dandelions by looking for dark green rosettes on the lawn.

Quick Fix:  Use effective herbicides such as Glyphosate 4 Plus, Top Shot, and Triclopyr 4 from Solutions Stores.

  1. Oxalis

Oxalis are among the most stressful weeds to control in the US. They like the lawn because it’s well moisturized and aerated. In some parts, the weeds are edible, but you shouldn’t tolerate them as they will make your lawn to look unpleasant.

Quick Fix: Use powerful herbicides such as 2 4-D Amine, 3D Triplet, and Triclopyr 4 from Solutions Stores.

  1. Cudweed

Like buttonweed, cudweed (or Gamochaeta galviceps) spreads faster and thus difficult to control, especially with mowing. You can easily identify the weed by looking for shiny flat rosettes and paper flowers. The weed also has fibrous weeds with stems and leaves that are covered with dense, white hairs. If you are not careful, the weeds may totally mess up your lawn.

Quick Fix: Use herbicides such as tribute Total, Dismiss, and Atrazine from Solutions Stores.


By visiting Solutions Stores, you’ll be able to get further information about the 5 common lawn weeds and solutions to fight them. You can also find coupons for the weed killers at CouponCause.com. With the herbicides, you can say goodbye to persistent weeds on your beautiful lawn

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