Ideas for Luxurious Homes with Well Decorated Bathroom

Written by Posted On Thursday, 05 July 2018 18:00

Why not design a bathroom in style? How relevant is the tub or shower to our house? How important is an object designed to function only? Does it really contribute to our bathroom design issues? To all those questions there is a single well-known answer here: Design is everything.

The professionals know that no detail should be thought of random. And knowing how important is the design of our home and therefore of all its spaces including the bathroom we made a book with a particularly beautiful range and that tries to show you how relevant and aesthetic something as simple as a tub can be. Let's see these well-designed bathrooms!

  • A cabin- This is the most typical in terms of form. Something simple, an elongated cube, with sliding doors to enter and exit. It is a simple solution and very agreeable to all.
  • With seat- Special for those taking hours to get out of the shower, a seat to relax in the shower brings comfort to the act of cleaning. It is also a truly innovative touch.
  • Rain- If it's about shower experiences, the perfect rain shower head will make your bathroom even more modern and unique.
  • With led lights- Why not? It gives style, gives a futuristic feeling. As if we were partying in a bath!
  • With mosaics- Although here the shower is simply a sliding door, its big difference is in the treatment of the wall. It marks the same wall that is both the bathroom and the interior of the shower with a very delicate work in mosaic. Beautiful!
  • With a window?- Generally, when professionals design, they tend to avoid the window fitting with the shower, for privacy reasons, however, with the correct treatment of the glass, subtly preventing looking, but letting in the light, you get a really special shower.
  • Spa style- Who would not want to have a spa at home? This is the opportunity! We can design our ideal shower so that it is also a space to relax. A chair, with integrated furniture and a rain shower, will be all your tools.
  • With a degree of privacy- In this case, the privacy is given with a layer of adherent transparency that allows only to see a shadow of what is behind the glass. Great, is not it?
  • Hidden- If it is about baths, it is best to keep privacy to a minimum, it is a very intimate moment so if we have the possibility to hide almost completely the shower, it can be a great design move that will make the bathing act much more pleasurable.
  • Completely in sight- Why not? Of course, that has to do with the lifestyle we have and even how we are. Maybe feel exposed in the same bathroom is something completely liberating and can be a nice detail when designing. Minimalism is the key!
  • With dark glass- There are all kinds of glass and if we want to give a feeling of separation without placing wooden tambourines this is a resource that will undoubtedly be of good help.
  • Like a balcony- Here is a resource of style, occupied the frames of the shower to decorate and it seems that it was a completely different space.
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