5 Most Popular Items to Replace in the Master Bathroom

Written by Posted On Friday, 20 July 2018 20:56

Is it time to makeover your master bathroom? This is one of the rooms that homeowners want to renovate the most, and there are a few reasons that people like to re-make their bathrooms. Sometimes people buy a house, but they don't like the decor. Other times, some of the fixtures and tiles are dated. Whichever situation you are currently in, you are likely trying to make a plan for how to fix your bathroom so that it looks current and fresh. There are many choices that you can make to update your bathroom, and here are some of the essential items that you should consider replacing.


Shower or Tub

If your shower or tub is outdated or losing its enamel, this is one of the primary features that will benefit from an update. There are several routes that you can go, depending on if you have a tub or shower, and also depending on what needs to be replaced. If you have a tub, it's possible that refinishing it will be your best option. Similarly, if you have a shower, you might be able to simply update the shower door. Otherwise, if you're interested in a vastly different fixture, there are many options that you can consider.



Outdated or cracked tiles can decrease the aesthetics of your master bathroom. If you don't actually like the baby blue or pink tiles in your bathroom, you have a lot of options. Subway tiles are always popular, and they work especially well if you want a clean background so that you can change your other bathroom colors easily without having to change the tiles. Neutral grays and tans are also popular because they are soothing in a room that many people like to relax.



One of the features that most homeowners would like more of in their master bathrooms is more storage. Beyond shelves to store towels and washcloths, you will also need a place to put smaller items such as toothpaste, aspirin, and medicines such as an asthma inhaler or a treatment for shingles, or whatever other health concerns you might have. One popular option is a medicine cabinet. You can either buy a unit that sticks out from the wall, or if you want an extra-sleek look, have a built-in cabinet installed. If you're thinking about installing a medicine cabinet yourself, check out the tips and instructional videos online. Many people also prefer to have drawers in their vanity for items such as hair dryers and curling irons.



If you're looking for a way to change the aesthetics of a bathroom without spending a lot of money, you should consider changing your hardware. Most of the time, homeowners want their tub faucet to be of the same material as the pulls on their bathroom cabinets, although there is a trend to mix materials. Otherwise, brushed nickel is a long-standing popular material. Other options include copper, steel, copper, gold, bronze, brass, and glass.



If you have old linoleum flooring in your bathroom, you'll love the luxury of ceramic tile. You can also choose to put new linoleum or sheet vinyl down. The available options have expanded, and they come in many updated colors and styles. One material that is less common but gaining popularity is cork because it is slip resistant, and it has a soft feel under the foot.


These are some of the most common things that homeowners like to update, but if you are interested in finding some truly special upgrades, go to open houses, look at real estate blogs online, or ask around!

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