8 Luxury Designer Home Trends for 2018

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Designer trends come and go, but for luxury home trends, the ‘in’ design tend to stay a few years making it a good investment when you want to add form, beauty, function, and value to your home. Below is our list of the top designer trends for luxury homes as shared by experts in the field of luxury home design.

Marble for Timeless Beauty

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Marble can blend with any design or aesthetic you might be aiming for. This is one of the reasons why it is still one of the most common building materials despite being used for thousands of years. It is versatile too and can be used for flooring, tables, kitchen counters, and even as an accent

Dedicated Dressing Rooms

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A dressing room for each bedroom or at least for the master’s quarters is not a throwback to a bygone era. Nowadays, dressing rooms are almost a necessity and not just a luxury, more so for those who love dressing well and has quite a selection of outfits.

Splendid Ceilings

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Flat boring ceilings are a thing of the past. These days ceilings are almost an extra wall that can be utilised to frame a given space and inject architectural detail as well. Even adding skylights to a ceiling or accentuating beams would be a nice touch of understated luxury.

A Classy Colour Palette

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Choosing the right colours can give a home character, sophistication, and an air of luxury. Gray is quite popular these days and you can partner it with whites and blues for a nautical vibe; or choose rich earth tones and browns to create masculine elegance. Pops of metallic colours done right can inject a feel of sophistication too.

Splurge in Bathroom Luxuries

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Why have just 1 vanity when you can have 2? Why have a standard tub when you can opt for a clawfoot one? Why settle for typical bathroom lighting when a mini chandelier is so much more fun? You’ll spend a few hours of your  precious personal time in your bathroom each week, go ahead and splurge!

Finishes Matter

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Using metallic finishes can add depth, style, and character to a home – details that exude luxury. You may choose between copper, chrome, gold, and brass or go all in and incorporate all. Just be sure to pick a dominant metal and use the others as accents to not overdo things.

Beautiful Outdoors

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Beautiful outdoors isn’t just about having a patio and a pool. You can go a notch up by converting some of your outdoor space into an outdoor living area, like a sunken theatre or maybe even an outdoor bedroom. An outdoor kitchen equipped with a sink, grill, and a small fridge will change how you use your outdoor space by converting it to an area for  entertaining guests.

Statement Lighting

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Chandeliers are timeless and are a classy subtle way to emphasize style and wealth. The right chandelier can speak of the home’s personality as well as provide ample illumination to a room.

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