Interior Decorating Tips Throughout the Year

Written by Posted On Friday, 27 July 2018 14:30

Changing the interior design of your home doesn't have to be a task that involves shopping trips, professionals, and tons of hassle. You can make some small changes for each season by yourself. You may not even have to go shopping for new items and furniture. This article will give you interior design tips for the spring, summer, fall, and winter. When using these tips, you can go as big or as small as you want.



House Beautiful UK tells readers to use soft furnishings to beat the winter blues. Items such as cushions, bedding, and rugs can all work to keep you and your family warm as you enjoy your 9ft Christmas tree. A great reason to rely on soft furnishings is that they are really inexpensive. To follow this tip, you can simply add colorful pillows to your living room couch. You can also add color to your bedrooms by buying new bedspreads. Color can go a long way towards counteracting all the snow you will see during these months.


As the days get shorter, you might find yourself wanting more color in your life. A simple way to incorporate brightness into your home during the winter months is to hang colorful art on the walls. While you can buy paintings, it might be fun to involve your children by making pictures with them. Even if you don't have children, making your own paintings or buying the work of artist friends can give your home a new look.



A simple way to get ready for spring is to change around your pillows. This tip might sound strange as you may think that a pillow is a pillow. That's not really the case. Depending on the pillow material, your living room and bedrooms may say something totally different. While silk and velvet pillows act as beautiful pieces, they might be a little dour for the spring months. Look for pillows made of fabrics such as cotton or linen.


For those who would like an interior design tip that won't involve them spending any money, try moving around your furniture. You will have to conduct spring cleaning duties anyway. Why not clean and give your home space a brand new look at the same time? If you have heavy furniture that you need to be moved, invite a few friends over for a spring cleaning party. Don't forget to feed them as a thank you!



There are many of the latest design trends that have come down the pike. One of these exciting trends that have found their way in some of the world's most beautiful homes is incorporating different shades of blue into the decorating scheme of the home. Hues such as turquoise and indigo tend to go to the top of the list of the most popular colors in interior design today. Many stylish people and designers even go a step further by using more than one shade of blue in one room. Now that's an eye-popping effect!


Minimalism as a trend has stuck around for the longest time. It's for good reason as this classic look can make any room really striking. Just because you have an all-white room doesn't mean you have a boring room. Add some pops of color to enliven the space. Some places you can add color to a minimalist room includes the chairs in a dining area, wall art, and centerpieces on a kitchen table.



This Old House's Anna Molvik says that the wallpaper trend isn't going anywhere. You don't have to go crazy by covering an entire room with a bold print with which you're not comfortable. You can just cover a part of the space for some much-needed color that you will appreciate in the colder months.

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