3 Things That Will Add Value to Your Home

Written by Posted On Friday, 27 July 2018 14:42

When you walk around and inspect the interior and exterior of your home, you can find examples of things that you want to fix or replace. For example, you might absolutely hate the laundry room because the appliances are old, the room is small, and the available shelving makes it awkward to find a workspace for folding laundry or ironing. There are also other features that you noticed when you bought the home you should write down before you forget and later consider whether they should be moved to the top of your list. Certain upgrades, improvements, introduction of newer materials, and other changes may be more appealing to future buyers, especially Millennials. For some homeowners, there are so many projects that they would discover when walking around in the home improvement store they must limit their time spent in Lowes or Home Depot. For other homeowners, it’s just a matter of limiting themselves to one project at a time and to set a materials budget for each project. Anything that you can do to update colors, surfaces, trim, accessories, lighting, plumbing, electrical work, windows, or external coverings will probably add value to your home. We like these three ideas:


Improve the look of the backyard and create a place for people of all ages to relax.

This is something that you may want to wait on if you have a toddler or young child. Adding a pool to an existing lanai or patio area is a quick upgrade. It is a sizeable expense, but it’s fun to add on to little by little with paved walkways, extra bushes and plants, a garden, a swing, and even an outdoor kitchen with a fire pit. For inground pools Montgomery, homeowners must keep in mind that building the pool down in the red clay in a place like Alabama, especially on sloped land, is a different than adding a pool in a place like south Florida (with weak soil made mostly of limestone).


Tackle one room at a time to update the inside of the home.

A good place to start is the master bedroom. This is where the owners of the home usually sleep and consider their primary space for putting their wardrobe and valuables. If you aren’t wanting to tackle the bathroom or closet first, you could start with the sleeping chamber. It’s a good place to test out your idea to upgrade the whole structure (room by room) with energy efficient windows.


Change out the appliances in the kitchen.

Usually, the kitchen is where research shows many homebuyers focus when they are considering whether to buy one home. They are usually looking at multiple models within their price range in the same community. The appliance models that you select (stove, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, garbage disposal) may not be the preferred choice of the people who do end up purchasing the home, but matching sets of appliances look attractive. If someone buys the home and doesn’t like them, he or she can always sell them and recoup some of their value.


Ensure that the look that you choose for each room in the house as well as the general design plan for the backyard is a style you will be able to match over the next couple years. If you are upgrading a home room by room, it will take time to do all of the owrk yourself or afford contractors to come in and remodel. You will also need to budget for furniture, accessories, window and wall treatments, and other finishing touches.

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