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Your garage can accommodate a lot of stuff if designed well.

Written by Posted On Sunday, 29 July 2018 22:28

Garages were the most neglected part of the house but with the new trend, people are paying more attention to designing a beautiful and convenient garage. Garage designing has started getting more attention than it used to get. A well-designed garage can add architectural interest and enhance appeal of your property as well as provide a valuable multipurpose space. Even with a little organization and designing, you can get much out of your existing garage and also modernize them just like car title loans Los Angeles help people in debt to manage their finances well.

Some of the upgrade ideas for the garage to accommodate a lot more stuff are:

1. Creating a wall storage system:

You can either turn all your wall space into a storage system or can dedicate a wall for the storage system. You can customize it as per your need. Simple and well-designed wall storage can help you store all the vehicle tools and equipment. The wall system can hold everything from your tools to your garden hose and ladder. 

2. Organize your garage into zones:

Since the garage is used for a number of purposes, dividing them into different zones can help you in organizing things. It will make finding things easier and you can easily organize your storage.

3. Make a wall mounted, folding workbench:

If you wish to make your garage your workspace then you can design yourself a foldable workbench mounted on the wall. The foldable workbench will be convenient and will save space as well. You can open it whenever required, additionally, all your equipment will be stored safely.

4. Install a ceiling storage system:

You can store seldom used things like party decorations and stuff on the boxes designed on the ceiling of your storage. The box-like structure attached to the ceiling can help make better use of your garage’s space and get things off the floor. A well-designed ceiling storage system will enhance the interior look of the garage providing more floor space. Moreover, if your ceilings are high enough you can hang hooks in your garage to hold bikes or lawn maintenance gear. Wall-mounted brackets are also available for bicycles and can accommodate helmets as well. 

5. Label it:

You must remember your teacher saying writing things and labeling it will help you remember things. Apply that technique on your garage designing, get the doors and drawers fronts of the garage coated with chalkboard paint and label your equipment and storage with chalks.

You can try lots of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects and design your garage according to your needs. Every home has different requirements, identify your storage needs and get yourself a multi-purpose garage. Consider converting the garage space into more than just a storage space. If your garage has extra room or space, try converting it into regular home office. If you don’t need office space you can turn it into a home gym or dance studio. Make the best use of every space of your home and design it as per your need.

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