12 Ideas to Give Your Home a Summer Makeover

Written by Posted On Monday, 30 July 2018 11:39

It is not yet too late to give your home a summer makeover! Take a look at our 12 easy fixes below to give your home a summer perfect feel!

Spruce Up Your Deck for Feasting and Sunbathing

Home Ideas for Summer

Or perhaps use it as an outdoor lounge for napping too! Nothing like a lively summer get together on a deck with loved ones and friends! A few cushions, an outdoor rug, and good lighting are a great starting point.

Use Driftwood for Decoration

Home Ideas for Summer2

A nautical theme or a beach-inspired theme won’t be complete without some driftwood. Either use it as an accent piece or if you find a large one, then use it as a coffee table or a sculpture décor.

Hang Outdoor Curtains

Home Ideas for Summer3

Whether you go for the traditional white curtains that sway with the breeze or try out light colourful fabrics, outdoor curtains are great for creating shade and privacy.

Try Juicing!

Home Ideas for Summer4

Fruits are a lot cheaper during summer so it won’t hurt give juicing a try. If you want to go hardcore try a mixture of cucumbers, melons, and berries. If you’re not very adventurous then freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice in your kitchen should get you going.

Create an Outdoor Changing Area

Home Ideas for Summer5

If you have a pool and love swimming, installing an outdoor shower and creating an outdoor changing area is a must. This will give your home a resort-like feel and will surely be appreciated by your guests when you host a pool party.

Decorate with Sea Shells

Home Ideas for Summer6

You don’t have to live near the beach to use sea shells as décor. Place small ones in a tall glass jar and use large pieces as paperweight or table accent. Better if you collected them during your beach trips!

Install a Swinging Chair

Home Ideas for Summer7

Your porch or garden will surely benefit from having a swinging chair. It is not only fun, but will give you summer vibes year-round!

Stock Up A Summer Bar

Home Ideas for Summer8

Who needs to go to a restaurant for summer drinks when you can set up your bar to serve your favorite summer drinks? A display of citrus fruits (that you can use for juicing) will be great as well.

Go for Nautical Stripes

Home Ideas for Summer9

Use nautical stripes for accent pillows or as bedding theme. If you’re lucky you might even get them on sale.

Convert Your Porch Into a Lounge or a Bedroom

Home Ideas for Summer10

Your porch can be the perfect place to nap during long summer days or perhaps a cool bedroom for the night. You can furnish it with a daybed or two, or simply add huge pillows and blankets.

Be Picnic-Ready!

Home Ideas for Summer11

Use a picnic basket to keep your plates and silverware in for a grab and go picnic kit. This is super convenient too for when you’re setting the table at home.

Keep Rolled Up Crisp White Towels in Key Areas

Home Ideas for Summer12

These would be near the pool, in the guest bedroom, your bedrooms, and even in family areas. Not only will they remind you of the beach and impart a spa-like feel to your home, you’ll end up using them too!

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