Design Your Perfect Backyard Vacation in Five Easy Steps

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 31 July 2018 17:08

Creating a backyard vacation spot is one of the best things you could do with your home. By creating an outdoor resort, you can expand the use of your home, have fun, entertain, save money and relax without having to pay for an exotic vacation. Although, you could enjoy both your backyard and exotic vacation. Consider these tips to creating the perfect backyard vacation hangout.


1. Comfort

First things first, think of creating the best lounging and sitting areas. You can accomplish this with some hammocks, a cushiony sectional, lounge chairs and an assortment of other seating areas. Benches with padding work well, and so do outdoor bean bag loungers. You'll want outdoor furniture specifically because it will be resistant to the elements, and it can be sprayed down for quick cleaning. However, you want soft surfaces to sit on to allow for comfort. When the colder weather hits, focus on warming up with an outdoor fire pit, fireplace or outdoor heaters. bring out throws and blankets to help with warmth and comfort.


2. Shade

Fun in the sun is great, but you need a natural way to cool down too. Shade not only helps to cool down your backyard, but it can help lower electricity costs in your home by helping to keep it naturally cooler, and it creates beautiful dimensions in your yard. You can use virtually anything to create shade. Use trees and trellises to create shade. Hang strips of cloth or other décor from your trees. Put up a pergola over your patio. Hanging umbrellas are another wonderful way to create shade, and they're excellent space savers too. Creating shade in the backyard can be as easy as digging holes to place railroad ties and using a staple hammer to affix canvas in a makeshift canopy.


3. Water

Your backyard vacation spot must include water. The best way to incorporate water in the backyard is with a pool. Pool construction Las Vegas can help to create any kind of pool you'd desire. However, you don't have to stop there. Hang up misters or create a waterfall in your yard. This will help improve air quality while naturally cooling down your yard. If you live in a warm climate, consider creating a koi pond. This is an excellent way to grow a hydroponic garden as well. Find other ways to incorporate water, such as making little streams lined with river rocks. The trickling sound of water is relaxing.


4. Audio

Creating an optimal surround sound experience isn't difficult. You can get kits that are ready to set up, or you can mix and match to create your own. To create your own, you'll need ample amounts of electrical wire, wire cutters, electrical tape, a way to hang everything up and your choice of speakers. Choose something relaxing that you can listen to throughout the day. Nature sounds and sounds of water help to naturally relax people, but think of other ways to incorporate sound. For instance, hang up bamboo wind chimes or put a small fountain in the yard.


5. Video

Summer fun isn't complete without outdoor movies. To create a backyard theater, you'll need to consider how you'll want to view movies. If you have a canopy or some other overhead protection from the elements, you might consider the installation of a flat screen TV; however, you can easily hang up a screen or make one from a white sheet for projection of images. It's your home, and it's your rules. You can watch TV during the week outside.


With an outdoor vacation spot, you can retreat at any time. Hold family fun nights outside or head straight to your backyard when you get off from work. Keep a mini fridge outside for cold drinks and snacks. You might find your home stays cleaner as a result. With your perfect vacation spot, you'll be happy and relaxed year-round.

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