6 Tips To Score a Renter’s Lease

Written by Posted On Saturday, 04 August 2018 11:34

Have you been reading about the high prices on houses? While some struggle with the cash, there are others who struggle on getting a lease as a renter. Here are a few unique yet simple tips to score a renter’s lease. Use the below mentioned strategies to plan out your next application.

  1. Show interest in the property

When renting a house, every landlord wants to make sure that the ones living in the house would treat it as his/her own. This can be manifested to the landlord by showing your excitement towards the place. Appreciate the owner’s house and all that it comes with, including the neighborhood but only if you really want to pace up your game buying that particular house. Respect the property, as it sends out a positive note to the landlord. Give out positive vibes on how much you like the house and what it means to you.


  1. Use technology

With the new advents in technology, you do not need to visit each of the particular classified pages to view the listings. Make use of the many apps available in your mobile to view the listings.  You will not only be able to view the listings but also get notifications if and when a new house is listed. It is a good option to grab this opportunity because a good listing remains in the market for only a few hours. So, when you are on the go, you do not need to go back viewing if there is a new property, rather get notified as soon as one lands on the market.


  1. Apply online in advance

If there should exist an option that you can apply in advance for a house, do not hesitate to do so. On an instance that you find yourself going through the same house over and over again, but you still want to make sure that it is the best, at least fill up an application if the option exists as there is no harm to it. This shows your interest along with sending out a message to the landlord that you are a serious applicant.


  1. Move fast where listings are good

In places like Florida, where the competition is tough between the real estate brokers, make a quick decision to decide your prospective with the real estate agents near you, to get a fast jump start to the listings. Do not put off until the weekend if you come across a really good listing. Remember, a place which appeals you, appeals the other as well.


  1. Be prepared

When arriving to buy a property, make sure you come with all the required documents such as your credit card report, checkbook, the printed list of your references that may also include your previous landlords name in it. You should try making the possible easy for the property owner as well as the real estate agents. It saves you all the haste. Also, bring enough hard copies for the landlord.

Buying a house, is no less than an interview. Just like an interview, you have to put on a strong interview game here as well. No doubt you will be asked questions, but additionally do not hesitate to ask them your doubts in return. It gives a strong impression that you have given strong thoughts towards the house and take living in their house seriously.


  1. Follow Up

After you have met with the landlord, send out an email thanking him. This lands you up on his email list which serves as a reminder to him as to who you are and future possibilities of you meeting him/her again.

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