How to Make Your Home Office Feel Cozy

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 08 August 2018 16:19

If you own your own business or are planning on telecommuting, you'll need to create a space in your home where you can work each day. The quality of the setting will influence how comfortable you feel and your level of productivity. If you want to make the office cozy to ensure you can relax and feel at home in the space, there are a few tips to follow.


Add Furnishings


Your home office doesn't have to look like a cubicle to ensure that you have a space where you get a lot done. Consider adding furnishings that make it feel cozy and an extension of the rest of the home.You can hang curtains on the window for a soft touch, which can match pillows that sit on a loveseat on one wall in the room. You can also add a rug underneath the desk and add artwork on the walls to make the decorations a reflection of your personal taste. Making the room homey instead of institutional will allow you to want to spend more time in the space.


Remove Clutter


It won't be easy to relax or unwind if you're surrounded by clutter in your home office. Make it a point to make digital copies of the different documents or paperwork that sits on your desk to create a more spacious and serene environment.


Paint the Walls


You don't have to sit in a room that has white walls to make the space look professional. To make your office cozy, consider painting the walls a color shade that is welcoming and modern. Consider using color shades that include navy, gray, and dark brown. You can also paint an accent wall to make a statement and add a cozy touch that still allows the office to look professional.


If you want to be even more creative, consider using wallpaper that has a modern design and will look sophisticated.


Add Pictures


An additional way to make your home office cozy is to add pictures of your family members and friends on the walls or your desk. The images will offer a personal touch and can allow you to feel more at ease if you're surrounded by the faces of your loved ones. Consider hanging a board where the photos can be added and swapped out over time or even frame your favorite photos.


With photos of your loved ones on the walls, it can allow you to have the confidence and support that you need to succeed in your career or land interviews through websites like


Use the Right Lighting


The lighting that is used in the office will determine the tone of the setting, making it necessary to illuminate the space with lamps that have a warm glow. Relying on overhead lights can cause the office to feel cold, which is why you'll need a lamp on your desk or a floor lamp in the corner of the room. You can reduce your stress levels in a room that is softly lit without relying on fluorescent bulbs.


Use Scents


Because you work from home, you can have the freedom to use diffusers or candles in the space to enjoy soothing scents that allow you to feel at ease. You can also swap out the candles that are used depending on the season. Plug-in scented air fresheners are also ideal to use in home offices and will freshen up the room on a continuous basis without having to have an open flame in the room.


Decorating your home office is necessary to ensure that you get plenty of use out of the room instead of working in other areas of the house. By using the right furnishings and scents, you can create your own haven.

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