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How to Get Your Home Ready For Spa and Wellness

Written by Posted On Thursday, 09 August 2018 01:48

Do you dream of a spa where relaxation and massages would be in the spotlight? And if this exceptional place is just ... home? Discover how to improvise a well-being atmosphere to bubble in beauty and give a new breath to your skin, in short, a real spa at home!

A spa at home is synonymous with well-being and relaxation. But before you can bask in a hot tub, you have to know how to install a spa at home. Here are some tips for arranging your spa area at home.

Tips for Successful Spa at Home

Make sure you have time when you will not be disturbed, to really take the necessary time without interruption. In the evening, for example, leaving the bath or shower or just before going to sleep maybe?

Time required: 5 to 15 minutes per day


  • Herbal oil infused adapted to its needs
  • Bath towel
  • Aromatic candle and soft music
  • Clear intention to take care of oneself

How to:

  • Create a relaxing atmosphere: soft music, candles, and a diffuser of essential oils.
  • Put a towel that you devote to your "spa time", so as not to be unnecessarily worried about oiling the new blanket.
  • Take oil in your hands and massage the neck, shoulders, arms, chest, breasts, stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs and legs taking the time to drop the intention to revitalize, reinvigorate and eliminate everything that no longer serves us.
  • If you want a relaxing massage, take the time to make slow and soothing movements. For a toning morning massage, you can add a little vigor to your movements.
  • Take the time to activate the circulation and moisturize your skin deeply. Do not forget, the skin is a fat (lipid) more than 70% and needs this food to regenerate and keep its most beautiful vitality.
  • Pay special attention to the soles of your feet, because to massage underfoot via massage equipment brings a lot of benefits since there are all the nerve endings of each organ.

You can let the oil penetrate slowly because the skin will assimilate it at its own pace and you will be able to take full advantage of the effects of the plants. Take advantage of this moment to deposit the intention to take care of you more and more regularly because if you do not do it, nobody will do it for you.

The basic rules for installing a spa at home

Many rules are to know to install a spa at home safely. Here are 5 key points to remember:

• Your spa must be placed on a flat and stable surface. A subsidence of the ground could damage your spa and make it unusable.

• Plan for water and electricity to arrive near your equipment.

• Consider draining water for spa water renewal and maintenance.

• Make sure the floor around the spa is water resistant and not slippery. If you want an indoor spa, the floor must also be waterproof and that the room has good ventilation.

• Position your spa by providing free and easy access to the technical elements. This can be useful in case of failure.

Where to set up your spa?

Choosing the location of your spa is essential. You have two options: set up your spa outdoors or indoors.

A Spa Outdoors

If you want the spa area to be in harmony with nature and energizing, go for the outdoors. Installing an outdoor spa is usually easier than indoor installation. Choose a location with a pleasant view and sheltered from the wind if possible.

An Indoor Spa

If you prefer a cocooning and relaxing spa area, an indoor spa will help you create the perfect ambience. However, the technical constraints are more important and you must make sure that the floor on which you will put your spa supports the weight. It is necessary to take into account the weight of the empty spa, on average 300 to 600kg, and to add the weight of the water but also of the occupants.

You will not have problems with the weather and if you opt for a bright room like a veranda, you can also enjoy the outside view and sunny days.

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