5 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

Written by Posted On Monday, 13 August 2018 08:28

With summer in full swing the heat is starting to get annoying and even miserable. Summer shouldn’t be miserable and the heat shouldn’t be completely unbearable. Temperatures aren’t going to drop anytime soon even though fall may seem right around the corner. School is about to start soon and you may be running out of ideas on how to keep your life and your house a little more organized and cool. Keeping cool is essential to keeping your cool when dealing with the other stresses of school starting and schedules changing.


Here are five ways to help keep your whole house cool while still being able to enjoy the last part of this summer season:

Be House Smart

Being eco-smart and be kind to your house and those living in it. Consider the exterior and interior of your house. Does your house have the proper blinds and sheets in place to keep out unwanted heat during the day? Do you use your washer and dryer during the middle of the day or early in the morning or late at night? Some appliances give off a lot off heat and can make the hottest of days even more miserable. Your roof may need to be redone to keep the heat out and make your house more energy efficient. You can plant trees and plants to shade your house and block it from the heat and sunlight.


Use the AC Wisely

Air conditioning is a modern convenience that is amazing but sometimes the bill that comes from using it is not so amazing. There are plenty of ways to use your AC without spending a huge amount of money every month. Give your AC and your bank account a break by not running it as often. Keep your windows open during the night time to let cool fresh air. In the morning close the windows and lower your blinds to keep the cool air in throughout the day.


Eat Cool Foods

This is another great way to keep your house cool and refreshing during the hottest part of the year. You should not be using the oven or stove as much as you do in the winter time, they give off a lot of heat, making your cool summer oasis hot and uncomfortable. Try new recipes that don’t use the oven or stove and are filled with water dense produce. Grilling instead of using your oven is a good way to still eat your favorite meats without heating up your home for hours during the day.

Consider a Swimming Pool

That’s right, it may be time to invest in a swimming pool. Packing your kids up and taking them to the local swimming pool every other day to stay cool can be exhausting and really start to wear you down. Having a swimming pool in your backyard eliminates a lot of the stress and hassle because you can step out into your backyard to cool down whenever you want.


You can choose between an above ground swimming pool or an inground swimming pool. Make sure you do some research on swimming pool and inground swimming pool costs. Prices can vary and your budget may favor one or the other. You can choose from a variety of accessories from slides and rock formations that can really make your summer enjoyable and cool.


Choose Cool Activities

This may sound like common sense but you don’t want to do activities that are can cause heat stroke or dehydration. Keep yourself cool by drinking lots of water when you go outside and are in the sunlight and heat. There are plenty of summer activities to enjoy that will keep you cool this summer season.


There are a variety of ways to keep cool. Have you tried one of them that you liked? Disliked? Share with your friends and family to help keep them cool this summer season as well.

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