How to Avoid Moving Disasters

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So you have managed to find your ideal property, and now it is time to move! Ask anyone who has been through the pain and hassle of a move and they will tell you; it's no easy task. However, like most things in life, the more you focus and plan the better the results. Here are 5 Tips for a hassle-free move..

Get the professionals In
While it is possible to move, hiring a professional company is most certainly the easiest and less stress-free way to do it, says Andy who runs a Bristol removals company. Opting for a reputable and reasonably priced removal company is the first step. Get some quotations from local companies (where you live at the moment, as well as where you are moving). Finding a company that suits your budget is paramount. Getting a good choice of quotations is the way to make sure you get the most for your money. Hiring a professional removal company might seem the only thing you have to do, and without doubt, it is a lot of the battle. Even so, there are several actions you can take to make sure your move is as efficient and stress-free as possible.

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Sometimes it is better to let the professinals do the job

Get Your Plan Together
Proper planning is a sure-fire way to carry out a hassle-free move. While this might seem obvious, too many people just do not do it! The biggest downfall is often leaving it to the last minute and so rushing. The sooner you start laying down your plans on paper, the better. Making a list of everything that needs moving is a great place to start, along with any contact names and numbers are necessary to do just that. Moving house has three essential stages: Packing, transporting and unpacking. Remember this basic 1-2-3 when making your plans.

Good Packing
Packing your possessions is more economical compared to paying the removal company to do it. Efficient packing is all about using space the more efficiently you can, as well as labeling boxes correctly. Do not throw your possessions together in a haphazard way: The tighter the packing, the less likely it is things will get broken. Bubble wrap fragile objects providing extra protection. Indeed, nothing will cause more stress than a prized possession getting smashed. To also help avoid this, choose boxes that best suit the dimensions of the object or objects. Label everything! Forethought is the key word here. Labeling the box according to area (for example, kitchen or bathroom) will make unpacking a much easier job – This can save a lot of time and stress later on.

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A  few packing boxes wouldn't go amiss here

After your removal company has placed all your boxes into their designated areas, it is time to unpack. Of course, the essentials are always first! However, most will have the luxury of more time with regards to unpacking. If you have labeled the boxes correctly this stage will be a breeze in comparison to “getting there” - Do this correctly, and unpacking will be a more straightforward process.


It's unclear whether this sofa is on the way up or down - I rather hope it was the former

Stay Calm!

When all said and done staying calm throughout the move is important. Achieve this with good planning and forethought – You will be happy you did!


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