How to choose a coffee table for home

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For your interior design, you have the choice between several furnishing accessories. Among the essential, we can count among others the coffee table. Several designs, materials, and heights are available in decoration stores. And making the right choice can not only impact the comfort of your living room, but also the success of its layout. Thus, it is important to learn more about the subject before getting your coffee table.

The role of a coffee table

First of all, what is the role of a coffee table? This is an issue that deserves more attention. Its usefulness can be of great help when it is necessary to make the choice between several articles.

It is obvious that it is an accessory like so many others intended to complete an interior design. This is also the reason why we can see many forms on the shelves of virtual shops or not. The design of your coffee table must obey the same rule as your general decoration. Sometimes a note of color, sometimes a touch of originality, the coffee table is an ally at all levels in terms of layout.

But this furnishing accessory also has a practical character. It can help you in the proper maintenance of the room by providing you with storage space. Like any table, it can be very useful in case you receive guests at home. And for good reason, its flat surface can accommodate both glasses and small dishes, candles or other utensils.

The technical details to know to make the right choice of coffee table

Once you've figured out the usefulness, it's time to get into the technical details of a coffee table itself. Indeed, this kind of accessory is not only unique by its name. It has specific characteristics.

Minimum height

A coffee table should not be higher than the sitting position throughout the room. Hence the term "low". However, there are several types on the market, depending on the size of the living room and the different furnishing accessories you have chosen. On average, a coffee table worthy of the name is between 45 and 50 cm high only.

An area to cover

The coffee table should cover only a small part of the room. The goal is not to eat all the available area. Experts recommend a space of 50 cm between the chairs and the accessory itself. You must also count a certain distance between the walls and the coffee table. The goal is to be able to move freely. So it goes with the functionality of the house. The norm is to have a piece of furniture that is only 2/3 of the piece.

In addition, for good health of the eyes, you must place 80 cm distance between the flat screens and your coffee table. Which is equivalent to putting 130 cm between you and the TV.

The latest trends of a coffee table

It cannot be denied that the purchase of a coffee table is mainly a question of aesthetics. The goal is to perfect the set up in the living room or offices. Thus, you cannot claim to have made the right choice if you do not follow the same guidelines as in the rest of the house.

A touch of modernity

A sure bet would be to make his coffee table a touch of modernity in the living room. In the spirit of industrial and raw installations, this kind of accessory often has angles and straight lines. They bring a certain chic directly to the setting up. With a glass top and dyed wooden pillars, metal or PVC, this kind of coffee table is able to last you for years. Not to mention that it is easy to maintain.

An original coffee table

For fans of originality, there is no reason not to let your personality speak in the choice of the coffee table. Many major brands nowadays offer customized styles. It is even possible to order a custom coffee table for carpenters. With or without a basic pillar, in rectangle, round or oval: you are spoiled for choice. The quality of the materials also depends on the price.

A more classic style

If you have already a decor atypical enough, bet on a coffee table a little more classic so as not to overload the room. When we speak of classical, it is a question of wooden accessory, with the fine and sober features, able to adapt to any style of decoration.

A vintage coffee table

Vintage fashion is back in recent years in the field of decoration. By choosing a vintage coffee table, you will be in the trend of the moment. The advantage with the vintage is that you will be able to take out the old furniture of your grandparents. If you do not have one, online furniture stores offer you all kinds. It should be noted that what makes the vintage is not only the wood and the slightly rounded shape of the coffee tables. The color also comes into account.

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